Zilberberg Foundation
Barak Zilberberg

Who is

Barak Zilberberg is a self-made entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, husband and father. He is a living example of the American Dream as defined by the founding fathers which is: “every citizen of the United States should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” Zilberberg’s mantra is: WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, WITH THE PEOPLE. Throughout his life he has embraced diversity and appreciated people of all different races, religions, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds which has made him a visionary and advocate of social equality.
Born in Los Angeles, California to immigrant parents, Zilberberg’s first language was Hebrew. His Polish father taught him the importance of hard work at a young age and he began honing his skills as a tradesman. As a young adult he later became the President of Ultimate Plumbing, Southern California’s largest copper repiping company. Simultaneously, at age 21 he started obtaining properties, essentially beginning his career in real estate. He quickly built a vast and diverse empire, ranging from luxury residential properties to commercial developments. He started his most recent company, Zilberberg International, in 2021 when he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. It manages all aspects of real estate, identifies emerging trends in the market, and consistently delivers impressive returns on their investments.
Despite his immense success, Zilberberg remains grounded and committed to giving back to his community. He established The Zilberberg Foundation in 2021 to help the homeless by providing education that liberates them from their present circumstances. Additionally, the non-profit serves children with cancer and youth with disabilities.His leadership has earned him numerous accolades, including recognition in the 40th Annual Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in America in the October/November 2021 issue. In 2022, Zilberberg decided to take his public service commitment to the next level by running for Governor of Nevada. Throughout his campaign, he emphasized the need for bold, innovative solutions to address the state’s most pressing challenges, including healthcare, education, and job creation. He focused on building stronger partnerships between the government and the private sector, with the goal of creating a more vibrant and diverse economy. Although Zilberberg ultimately did not win the election, his campaign was widely praised for its energy, vision, and commitment to the people of Nevada.Zilberberg believes that a thriving economy is essential and that everything must be done to support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the hardworking families of America. Barak Zilberberg is a visionary leader who is running for President of the United States in the 2024. Zilberberg brings a wealth of real world experience, passion, with an open-minded approach to the campaign trail.Despite his professional accomplishments, he considers the highlight of his life to be his four children, three grandchildren and wife, Apolonia Pina. He enjoys teaching his children that all individuals have value and deserve happiness. To learn more about Barak Zilberberg visit barakzilberberg.com and follow the movement on Instagram @BarakZilberberg.

About Zilberberg Foundation

The Zilberberg Foundation is a 501c3 organization established in 2021 by prominent real estate mogul and visionary entrepreneur, Barak Zilberberg. The Zilberberg Foundation is committed to transforming lives and creating a brighter future for vulnerable populations. With a steadfast focus on education and empowerment, the foundation seeks to break the cycle of homelessness and provide critical support for children battling cancer or living with disabilities. The Zilberberg Foundation strives to create lasting change, breaking down barriers and fostering a society where every individual can realize their full potential. The foundation’s core areas of focus, or pillars, encompass mental health, affordable housing initiatives, support for children battling cancer and those with disabilities, as well as the promotion of world peace and international harmony.

Our Mission

At the heart of The Zilberberg Foundation’s mission is the belief in the power of education as a beacon of hope and liberation. We strive to equip those facing adversity with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to transcend their current circumstances fostering a society where every individual can realize their full potential.

Baharnaz Gallery
Tannaz Tabrizi

Welcome to Baharnaz Gallery, where passion meets craftsmanship in the world of exquisite jewelry. Our gallery is a treasure trove of beauty, featuring a stunning array of brass and gold-plated earrings that capture the essence of timeless elegance.

Discover the Allure:

  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in the artistry of handmade jewelry. Our earrings are more than adornments; they are finely crafted expressions of creativity, skillfully designed to make you stand out.
  • Persian Opulence: Experience the enchantment of our Persian-inspired collection, featuring earrings adorned with ancient Persian coins and crowns. These pieces seamlessly blend history and style, creating a unique narrative.
  • Personalized Elegance: Embrace individuality with our custom-designed jewelry. Each piece is a canvas for self-expression, allowing you to wear a creation that truly reflects your distinctive style.
  • Global Glamour: Baharnaz Gallery transcends boundaries. With worldwide shipping, our captivating designs can grace your collection, no matter where you are. Elevate your style with a touch of international allure.
  • Menswear Marvels: Redefine men’s fashion with our exclusive collection of earrings and rings. Our menswear line marries sophistication with contemporary flair, making a bold statement for the modern man.

Baharnaz Gallery is not just a jewelry store; it’s a celebration of art, culture, and individuality. Each piece is a testament to the richness of craftsmanship and a nod to the extraordinary in every day. Step into our gallery and adorn yourself with timeless beauty.

   Address: 668B The Shops At Mission Viejo Mall, Mission Viejo, CA 92691


+1 909 996 5307





Dennise Mejia

Dennise Mejia- Guerrero

DSCC State Delegate, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Health and Wellness Coach, Cannabis Business Consultant, Civic Leader and Humanitarian. She is an Influencer, Business Consultant with 15 years of divers business experience and knowledge in Providing multiple professional services and Consulting in areas such as Workers Compensation Lien litigation services, Trucking Logistics, Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Multilevel industries, Team building strategies and a Community leader. Passionate in building innovative diverse entrepreneurship opportunities for women in social equity business opportunities including the Cannabis Industry.

Recognitions: by Mayor Eric Garcetti, Senator Jimmy Gomez, Senator Susan Rubio, Assemblywomen Blanca Rubio, Congresswoman Nannette Barragan. Nominated in 2019 By LA Style Magazine Entrepreneur of the year also Nominated in 2020 By the Los Angeles Business Journal as Entrepreneur of the year, Nominated in 2021 by the Los Angeles Business Journal for Diversity and Inclusion award.  October 2022 issue of the Vegas Cannabis Magazine Highlight.

+1 818-912-8127


Napa Finance GroupSponsor 

Napa Finance aims to set the highest standard in customer care and in doing so, we put the people we serve first. We genuinely guide you through the home loan process and help you to confidently choose the best option available for you and your family. Upon selecting your loan, we work endlessly on your behalf until we meet your desired goal.

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From the moment you start an application to the day your loan closes and beyond, you can depend on Napa Finance to be on your side. We’re here to help!



President & Founder of Napa Finance Group since 2002 with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. A Masters’ degree in Mechanical Engineering, An Experienced Officer, Administrator & A Veteran from the Corps Of Engineers. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Advisor, Business Planning, Operations Management, International Business Consultant, and a Coach. Founder Chairperson of two Charitable, Non-Profit Organizations in the USA. Certified Hypnotherapist & a counselor, who has touched many lives through Charitable events across the USA.


Zzeina Rajjoub
Singer-SongwriterTalent Sponsor 

Meet Zzeina, a 20-year-old aspiring Singer-Songwriter with a unique blend of Middle Eastern and Latin influences. Born of Syrian and Bulgarian heritage, she spent her formative years in Dubai before relocating to California, where she embarked on a journey to elevate her music career. Zzeina‘s multicultural background and global experiences have shaped her distinctive sound.

With Arabic as her first language and fluency in Spanish, Zzeina is passionate about creating Latin-inspired music. Her musical journey began during her teenage years, gradually honing her craft. A significant milestone came when she was accepted into the prestigious Bel Canto Choir.

Zzeina‘s music is a reflection of her cultural roots, a fusion of the Middle East and the United States. In 2023, she is set to release her debut single, “Let’s Wait Awhile,” a unique cover originally performed by Janet Jackson. This captivating track will be available on all major digital platforms on September 22nd, accompanied by the official music video on September 21st.

Under the mentorship of American Award-winning Grammy-nominated songwriter-producer Dawn Elder, Zzeina is gearing up for her first EP album, expected to grace our ears in the summer of 2024. Together, they are crafting a musical journey that promises to be as diverse and vibrant as the artist herself. Stay tuned for the remarkable musical odyssey that Zzeina is about to embark on.





Meet Bev Moore:
A Visionary at the Helm of the Bev Moore Network

BEV MOORE from an entrepreneur to a global charity donor, Bev Moore has reached extraordinary heights in her life and now a radio personality and network station owner.

In July of 2022, Bev’s attraction to the Entertainment Industry landed her a Host role of the Bev Moore Radio Talk Show, a one-hour program, broadcasting weekly on BBSradiotv and the IHeart Network. Bev’s natural ability to interview the best of Hollywood Actors, directors, public figures and more.

Bev’s latest achievement is starting her own radio station known as “Bev Moore Radio Station” and in 2024 will launch her own magazine entitled “DREAM MODELS MAGAZINE”, as well as starting a streaming channel.

Other outstanding accolades include movie credits as Executive Producer of “Inherit the Land,” Directed by Cylk Cozart, based on the book “Inherit the Land,” written by Gene Stowe, and 2023 Telly Award Winner, “Gerald’s Hands,” a compelling inspirational drama about Autism. In November 2022, Bev Moore became Executive Producer of “I Am That I Am,” Episode 2, a Faith Based TV Series, streaming on several networks.

Bev Moore is CEO of the Bev Moore Talent Agency located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Bev Moore Talent Agency represents Film Actors and High Fashion Industry Models. Bev also takes great pride in empowering Women to be the best they can be in business and leadership. Her Social Affiliations include Member of Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO), Member of Innovation Care & Consulting (ICC), and she is a member of the Healthcare-Council.org for a Bio-Science Company located on the campus of John Hopkins University.

As a business leader Bev Moore’s Education is continuous as a Student of Stanford University’s – Executive Entrepreneur and Executive Business Programs. Now days, Bev is very excited about her journey in the business and entertainment industry. As a Global Social Media Influencer, Bev Moore is very connected and has millions of followers.

From 2021-2022, Bev Moore has appeared on the covers of Business Magazines featured as an outstanding Entrepreneur and Businesswoman. She attributes her success to the “Grace of God” and her ability to love and care for others.


Dr. Meleeka Clary: Multifaceted Talent and Award-Winning Director
Three Corners of Deception.Movie Premiere 

Welcome to the world of Dr. Meleeka Clary, a multi-talented American clinical psychologist, paralegal, model, actor, and the visionary director behind the critically acclaimed film “Three Corners of Deception.

About Dr. Meleeka Clary

Dr. Meleeka Clary, born on October 14, 1973, in Boston, Massachusetts, is a versatile artist with a diverse range of accomplishments. Her journey has been marked by a series of accolades and awards, including the prestigious title of “Best Human Rights Director” at the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival, underscoring her commitment to impactful storytelling.

Entertainment Career

Dr. Meleeka’s foray into the world of entertainment began at a young age. Her early involvement in theater and performance set the stage for her future success. Notably, she performed in a Franklin Park Young and Youths Organization fashion show and recited dramatic poems as a child. Her talent was evident when, at 13, a director cast her as Harriet Tubman in a middle school play.

Throughout the years, Dr. Meleeka honed her skills at Vicki’s School of Dancing and Acting, participating in acting shows, commercial advertisements, and fashion shows. Her involvement in community-driven initiatives, such as Wipe Out Drug Abuse (WODA) and Black Essence, demonstrated her commitment to addressing social issues through her craft. She even took on the lead role in an original play, “When Your Sons Don’t Come Home And Why Me.”

Dr. Meleeka’s commitment extended beyond the stage, as she appeared on TV shows, contributing her voice to dialogue and public service announcements against teenage pregnancy. Her acting career blossomed further when she appeared in productions like “Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets” and popular TV shows like “Greenleaf,” “Nashville,” and “The Resident.”

In 2021, Dr. Meleeka Clary ventured into the director’s chair, marking her directorial debut with “Three Corners of Deception.” This compelling film is based on her personal experience of a divorce and custody battle, a deeply personal and poignant project that showcases her storytelling prowess.

Acclaim and Awards

Dr. Meleeka Clary’s creative endeavors have garnered recognition and acclaim, notably for “Three Corners of Deception.” Her achievements include:

  • Best Human Rights Director at the Toronto International Women Film Festival.
  • Best Female Director at the Toronto International Women Film Festival.
  • Best Female Director at the San Francisco Indie Short Festival.
  • Best Actress at the Festival Award at Global Film Festival LA.
  • Director honors at the Red River Film Festival.

Moreover, “Three Corners of Deception” was screened at esteemed film festivals such as the Berlin International Art Film Festival, where it received acclaim. It was also recognized as the Best Feature Film at the Paris International Women Festival, the Festival Award at the Medusa Film Festival, the Indian Indie Award, and the Festival Award at Global Film Festival LA.

Dr. Meleeka Clary’s remarkable journey in both psychology and the world of entertainment is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft and her commitment to addressing important social issues through her work.

Join us in celebrating the diverse talents and profound impact of Dr. Meleeka Clary, a true luminary in her fields of expertise.



Three Corners of Deception

“Three Corners of Deception” is a story about how a college law professor and an attorney fell in love over a Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend. They got married shortly thereafter, then started a family only to realize he wasn’t the man he said he was and a complete manipulation of the relationship occurred. The marriage ended hastily after a year, only to be carried out in a court of law that brought even more deception than what was originally thought. Eventually the court would rule against the mother in all areas due to judicial deception with judges, lawyers, and lawmen involved. They were part of the “good ol’ boy network.





Aurora Borealis Entertainment, Inc.

At Aurora Entertainment, our mission is to craft exceptional and captivating content spanning across TV, Film, Music, and Fashion, for the entertainment industry. We engage audiences through diverse platforms such as broadcast, print, and social media.

Aurora Entertainment is a visionary collaboration, where talented individuals, each with a track record of remarkable achievements, have come together to push the boundaries of excellence even further. Our founders, Daniel L. Smith and Gudni Gudnason, bring to the table a collective experience of over 80 years. This wealth of expertise is now at the service of our clients, ensuring that we consistently deliver content that’s extraordinary and unforgettable.





EIKO’s WorldFashion Sponsor 2024 

Within every woman resides a noble goddess;

this isn’t a philosophical creed or an ideology but an unequivocal truth. This essence defies mere ‘femininity’ – she is a dignified, proud, and sacred entity, invulnerable to any intrusion. This is the authentic nature of women.

I speak of this with conviction because I have personally encountered the goddess within myself. It happened over a decade ago while I was delving into the concept of ‘true womanhood’ at a contemporary metaphysical school. One particular exercise involved gazing into a mirror, repeating, ‘I am a goddess, I am a goddess…’ That’s all there was to it.

Initially, I dismissed it as a jest, but suddenly, an overwhelming sense of sanctity surged from within me, and tears welled up uncontrollably. I couldn’t explain why; the tears just flowed.

It was as though I had been struck by the undeniable truth that I was, indeed, a goddess. I’ve never experienced such a sensation before or since. It was profoundly mystical, as if it emanated from the very depths of my soul.

Women are goddesses.’ ‘I am a goddess.

Since that moment, this truth has bolstered my unwavering self-worth. Whenever self-doubt threatened to creep in, reaffirming that I would live as a noble goddess infused me with courage. I began to aspire to awaken the goddess within every woman.

This is the genesis of EIKO’s World.


Women possess a myriad of exquisite qualities – from flexibility and compassion to the ability to accept, nurture, and embody mystery, romance, sensuality, and elegance.

The way these qualities manifest is as unique as each individual. It’s dignified, filled with compassion, and exudes glamour. When someone dons a piece from EIKO’s World, it’s akin to witnessing the birth of their own goddess, a moment filled with boundless joy. It’s brimming with elegance, an intrinsic beauty that only that person can convey. It’s in these moments that the truth becomes evident: women are genuinely goddesses.

Goddesses live life in a manner befitting their divine essence.

Never compromise your worth, regardless of the circumstances. Always conduct yourself with grace and beauty. Unapologetically express your inner goddess.

Do it first and foremost for yourself, not for anyone else.

Surprisingly, this often yields more efficient results than striving too hard. The more you embrace your inner goddess, the more likely you are to attract someone who cherishes you. As women return to their authentic selves, men, too, transform into noble knights.

…Have you discovered the goddess within you yet?

May the world be graced by the presence of all the beautiful goddesses it holds. That is my sincere wish.


Just as I want to bring out the goddess that lies within every woman,
I want to praise the knight within every man.

That is the passion of EIKO’s World.

Proud, confident, strong, kind and pure.

This image, as spoken of in European chivalry, is the image of God that all men possess. Therefore, we would like to provide you with an attire suitable for such a dignified knight.

Throughout history, kings, aristocrats, and successful people pursued beautiful attire that sometimes surpassed that of women. When you present yourself as confident, you express your power, which in turn leads to admiration and charisma.

Your daily attire is an expression of who you are. It’s not like I’m trying to be someone else, trying to be someone else, trying to be fashionable and looking perfect. Being a knight, a dandy, and a gentleman means knowing your own charms and having your own preferences no matter what genre you are in. I also feel that those who have the luxury of being particular about their own attire are the ones who find wealth and success in life.

When actually tailoring men’s jackets and suits, we often find that even the slightest difference in detail can make a big difference in the impression.
The world of depth and attention to detail, which is different from that of women, is like getting to know the charm of men themselves, and the process from design to tailoring is always very exciting.

The sense of humor that was used in the design is the same as the sense of humor of the person.

Tailoring that fits your body line gives you power and dignity.
The carefully selected fabrics exude dignity and sex appeal.

Each step is a process of bringing out the “manly charm” of our customers.
In order to make women’s hearts flutter, I hope that you will continue to express yourself as a knight.

When men awaken as knights and pursue dandyism,
women can also awaken as true women and goddesses.
And by being needed by women as goddesses,
men become more like knights.

Praising yourself will lead to respect for the other person, and
will surely create a wonderful relationship between men and women.

I look forward to meeting all of you lovely gentlemen.