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SAMIRAS NETWORK  is a Corporation that has 15 board of directors, coupled with a highly diversified team that consists of a  culturally, racially, gender and age based technologically adept melting pot talent pool from very diverse backgrounds.



It comes equipped with cameramen for your filming, editing, and image making needs. Its talented film crew can perform both in studio or on location. Their post-production skills are second to none and they can pit their editing skills with the best production houses; Production of commercials; production of short films; PSA creation; technical film creation available; industrial films; student films; animation available; Studio music production and editing;


The writers are skilled in both creative, educational, screenplay creation, short story creation and script modification. The network’s writers also excel at binding scripts and if need be in publishing creative content, as well. Transferring content and data from and to DVD’S, CD, 8 Track, 33/3 vinyl; Conversion into PDF; Conversion into MP4; Editing of copy; Shorthand ; Motion capture; Online data content tutelage;



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Our Team Contract that outlines the ground rules of our team


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