Sunday March 2nd, 2025

Samira’s Network is set to host the annual Luxury Viewing Gala & Awards.  This exclusive and anticipated event will be held for the viewing of the Annual Academy Awards premiering on Sunday March 2, 2025.

You are invited to be part of this dazzling experience where several famous celebrities and personalities will be in attendance.  You’ll dine and watch live the Academy Awards Oscars® in the luxurious Hilton Hotel at the world-renowned in Universal Studios, CA.  This fabulous gala will feature several amazing shows including Silent Auction, Live Music and Dance Performances, Fashion Shows and more.

Guests will also enjoy:

  • Red Carpet photos and interviews by major media outlets
  • Appetizer 
  • Three Course Dinner + Wine
  • Entertainment & Award Ceremony and Fashion Shows
  • Live DJ, Dance and Music
Imagine a night of sophisticated ambience where everyone puts on their finest attire and their most courteous demeanor. At a luxury gala, elegance isn’t just in the décor; it permeates the entire atmosphere. Guests transform, not just in appearance, but also in how they interact. Conversations become thoughtful, a touch more refined, and a sense of joy radiates from the faces around you. It’s a chance to witness, and perhaps even be part of, a night where people are at their most debonair, leaving you feeling inspired and uplifted.

Please watch the Videos & Photos of the past events


(Early bird price)

VIP Dinner Tickets  $ 350




Unlock unparalleled exposure and business growth by becoming a sponsor at Luxury Gala. Join us in an exquisite celebration of luxury, glamour and position your brand prominently in front of an elite audience of influencers, business leaders, and trendsetters. Explore our exclusive sponsorship opportunities to elevate your brand presence, connect with industry giants, and make a lasting impact. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a prestigious event that promises exceptional exposure, exquisite experiences, and endless opportunities for your business.



Act Now, Reserve Your Spot

Let's meet in:


Live the night of the Oscars® and come party with us!  Get a chance to meet celebrities, personalities, and terrific sponsors after they walk the red carpet in front of several major media outlets.


1:45 PM

1:00 PM

1:30 PM

3:30 PM

4:00 PM

6:00 PM

7:30 PM

9:00 PM

11:30 PM

Early Check-in

Red Carpet

Appetizers & Sushi Bar

Luxury Gala Award Ceremony

Screening the Oscars®

Three Course Dinner & Wine

Fashion Shows

Live Entertainment & After Party




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Join us as our honored guest at the luxurious after party, where you can relish delightful cocktails and mingle with renowned celebrities. Alternatively, seize the opportunity to elevate your brand and business by becoming a lead sponsor, gaining exposure at this exclusive and media-covered event. To secure tickets or explore sponsorship packages, please reach out to us via email at or, or call us at 818-858-6497. Additional information can be found on our website at


Screening The Oscars® with three course dinner & wine provided by the Hilton Hotel


On Sunday March 2nd, 2025 Samira’s Network are hosting a fabulous black-tie “Luxury Gala” with Live Screening of The Oscars®, Dinner, Awards, After Party and Gifting Suite at the Hilton Hotel in Universal Studios, Los Angeles, California.

The event moments include:

Red Carpet, Media Interviews, Entertainments, Dinner, Screening the Oscars®, Award Ceremony, Gifting Suite, Sponsor Promotions, Fashion Shows, Silent Auction. We will have VIP Lounge, Media and Press Rooms, Main Stage, Live Broadcast Areas, and Sponsors Tables. This upscale venue will be the best place to showcase your products and services to the local and international audience since more than 1000 Professionals, Celebrities, Previous Oscar Winners, CEOs and world known media members will be attending.



Cancer Hope Village is a non-profit organization committed to offering alternative treatments and inspiring hope for disadvantaged terminal ill cancer patients to get support and care during the last stage of life through an integrated holistic approach with nature’s herbal cures. As long as there is breath, there is hope.



Every year Samira’s Network hosts the “Luxury GalaViewing Dinner & Awards, Gifting Suite and After Party at the night of the Oscars® with more than 100 celebrities, Sponsors and elite companies from US and other countries to bring you the best Oscar® Viewing Event in Los Angeles. You will meet iconic celebrities from Hollywood and from around the world. You’ll also meet and greet Oscar® winners, producers, directors, business owners and actors as well as musicians, designers and very distinguished artists.

More than 100 Celebrities will be attending this event and over 1000 guests are expected for dinner. We have invited more than 150 media outlets to cover and interview celebrities on our huge Red Carpet with over 60 feet long Red-Carpet Banner displaying major sponsors logos and take pictures. There is no show in town that allows such a close access to Hollywood’s elites as “Luxury Gala”. Luxury Viewing Gala Red Carpet Event is second to none when it comes to the number of Academy members attending.

Guests will gather at the luxurious Universal Hilton Hotel where they will enjoy cocktails, appetizer and sushi bar and be able to mix and mingle with the stars. When the Oscar® awards screening begins guests will enjoy  3-course dinner. After dinner and viewing the Oscars®, there will be fashion shows and live entertainment.


About Samira’s Network

Samira’s Network has produced over 300 events in the past such as: Award Ceremonies, Fashion Shows, Fundraisers, Charities and Publicity for the city officials. Because of that we are one of the best event organizers in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our A-to-Z solution approach covers planning, implementation, and management using promoting and marketing in different Media. Samira’s Network is the Total Event Management Solution. Samira’s Network is a full-service PR company. We offer Press Release Distribution, Marketing, and Social Media Management. We have Television Show(s) that airs through satellite and local channels.



watch the video of Luxury Gala, the best Luxury event in Los Angeles 

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