Payment Options

  • Unless an exception applies, the sponsor must pay their payments only to:

Samiras Network

  • We are not responsible for any payments made to any parties other than

    Samiras Network

Please pay through one of the following payment methods:



Zelle is the fastest and easiest way. If there is a limit of $2000 on your account then you can send several partial payments to:

Samiras Network, 818-858-6497 and call us for confirmation.
We recommend the following process to successful payment via Zelle
a- send us $1 first and
b- make sure we have received it
c- and then send the rest of the payment

2.ย  Sponsors can pay by stripe, but this is also a fast way to pay online.
3.ย Sponsors can pay by PayPal. This is also a fast way to pay online.

Send your PayPal payments to:ย

4.ย If you are using wire transfer to pay then please call us for account information:
5.ย in order to buy online simply visit our shop and select your sponsorship level.


  • All Sales are Final.
  • No Refunds requests are acceptable.
  • Sponsorship is upgradable.
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