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So excited to be a brand ambassador for the Luxury Gala 2020 Oscars event. And YES, You CAN sit with me at my table. There are limited seats at my table, so grab your tickets HERE: http://bit.ly/2LYfTXa ❤️??

Also, if you want your own VIP table for your party. DM me and I can help set that up. There are also vendor tables this year if you have products or branding you want to get in the VIP gift bags and in front of the press. Just lmk, I’m happy to help! Honored to bring Radhaa Publishing to this prestigious event. I believe that it is so important to bring forth sacred, healing, empowering products and people to highly PR events. I guess that’s part of my job as a Starseed is to bridge that gap and make magic and healing mainstream. You can be a part of this rise in consciousness and visibility. DM me if you’d like more info!



Radhaa Publishing House

Radhaa Publishing House is a holistic publishing company that focuses on heart centered, mind-expanding, truth-telling and transformative stories by authors. We get our authors work out into the world that provide lessons, wisdom and healing gifts. Our focus is on collaborative book series and memoirs. We thrive on supporting authors throughout their journey by empowering them to step into their authentic voice and sacred journey. In sharing their truthful stories to the world, we all benefit.

How are we different?

Many “collaborative” publishing companies bundle the authors together in a way that they don’t receive individual credit and acknowledgement. We are highly involved in the entire process, and work personally with our authors to navigate the challenges of authorship. We offer interviews, media watch parties, articles, help with book signings and much more. We have the most incredible team that is dedicated to helping authors shine in their highest light. We believe in win-win. Additionally, we also have an expansive, active community of other authors so you can connect and grow together.

We take pride in holding space when working closely with our authors to produce the very best results. It is an honor for our team to watch the uplevel and positive shifts that takes place during the process of coaching, editing, formatting and illustrating our books. From digital to paperback and hardcover, our dedicated staff work seriously to assist from beginning to finish line. From formatting to illustrating our books until they are ready to be sold on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and through booksellers online worldwide. Our team works in cooperation with one another to create powerful literary publication for the public to enjoy. 

We celebrate our authors and give them support along the way to tailor and release work they can be proud of. 

We are so proud of the very tailored, special support team we have curated which includes creativity coaching, PR, formatting, graphic artists and technical support. Each of these individuals are highly trained and talented professionals in their fields of expertise who have a mindset to support our authors. We provide all the elements required to make these books a success.  

Step into your Light!

At ‘Radhaa Publishing House’, we are calling you, a heart centered author who is soul-driven to fully express the gifts of your  experiences in life! 

If you’re a storyteller or simply have a story to share with the world and have dreams of being a published writer, this is for you!

Our team at ‘Radhaa Publishing House’, is here to assist you manifest
your dream to be heard and be seen as an
accomplished writer and author.


Your experiences may consist of patterns related to past traumas, old unwanted beliefs, old conditioning from your lineage generations or unwanted 3D life conditions that had once bound you and now no longer resonates with you, then this is for you!



Event Pics below:




Universal Studios, California – Samira’s Network is set to host their annual Luxury Viewing Gala & Awards.  This exclusive and anticipated event will be held for the viewing of the  Annual Academy Awards.

You are invited to be part of this dazzling experience where several famous celebrities and personalities will be in attendance.  You’ll dine and watch live the Academy Awards Oscars® in the luxurious Hilton Hotel at the world-renowned in Universal Studios, CA.  This fabulous gala will feature several more amazing events including a Silent Auction, Music, Dance, and Fashion Shows.

Guests will also enjoy:

  • Red Carpet photos and interviews by major media outlets
  • Appetizer & Sushi Bar
  • Three Course Dinner + Wine
  • Entertainment & Award Ceremony
  • Fashion Shows
  • Live DJ, Dance and Music
  • Celebrity Gifting Bag

Watch the video of the last year event


( Early bird price)

Tickets are available now at $250

Tables of 10 are available at $2250.

The table of 10 will include the name of your business in the middle of the table.

Live the night of the Oscars® and come party with us!  Get a chance to meet celebrities, personalities, and terrific sponsors after they walk the red carpet in front of several major media outlets.


  • 3:00           Red Carpet
  • 4:30           Appetizers & Sushi Bar
  • 5:00           Screening The Oscars®
  • 6:00           Three Course Dinner & Awards
  • 9:00           Fashion Shows
  • 10:00         Live Entertainment & After Party



Come be our guest, enjoy our after party and cocktails, and socialize with famous celebrities.  You can also participate by being a lead sponsor, displaying your brand & business to an exclusive and media covered event. For tickets or sponsorship packages, email us at SamiraShowTV@gmail.com or call 818-858-6497.  Other info available at www.LuxuryGala.com



Screening The Oscars® with three course dinner & wine provided by the Hilton Hotel

On Sunday February 9, 2020 Samira’s Network is hosting a fabulous black-tie “Luxury Gala” with Live Screening Of The Oscars®, Dinner, AwardsAfter Party and Gifting Suite at the Hilton Hotel in Universal Studios, Los Angeles, California.


The event moments include: Red Carpet, Media Interviews, Entertainments, Dinner, Screening the Oscars®, Award Ceremony, Gifting Suite, Sponsor Promotions, Fashion Shows, Silent Auction. We will have VIP Lounge, Media and Press Rooms, Main Stage, Live Broadcast Areas, and Sponsors Tables. This upscale venue will be the best place to showcase your products and services to the local and international audience since more than 1000 Professionals, Celebrities, Previous Oscar Winners, CEOs and world known media members will be attending.


Cancer Hope Village is a non-profit organization committed to offering alternative treatments and inspiring hope for disadvantaged terminal ill cancer patients to get support and care during the last stage of life through an integrated holistic approach with nature’s herbal cures. As long as there is breath, there is hope.


Every year Samiras Network hosts the “Luxury Gala” Viewing Dinner & AwardsGifting Suite and After Party at the night of the Oscars® with more than 100 celebrities, Sponsors and elite companies from US and other countries to bring you the best Oscar® Viewing Event in Los Angeles. You will meet iconic celebrities from Hollywood and from around the world. You’ll also meet and greet Oscar® winners, producers, directors, business owners and actors as well as musicians, designers and very distinguished artists.

More than 100 Celebrities will be attending this event and over 1000 guests are expected for dinner. We have invited more than 150 media outlets to cover and interview celebrities on our huge Red Carpet with over 60 feet long Red Carpet Banner displaying major sponsors logos and take pictures. There is no show in town that allows such a close access to Hollywood’s elites as “Luxury Gala”. Luxury Viewing Gala Red Carpet Event is second to none when it comes to the number of Academy members attending.

Guests will gather at the luxurious Universal Hilton Hotel where they will enjoy cocktails, appetizer and sushi bar and be able to mix and mingle with the stars. When the Oscar® awards screening begins guests will enjoy  3-course dinner. After dinner and viewing the Oscars®, there will be fashion shows and live entertainment.




About Samiras Network

Samiras Network has produced over 300 events in the past such as: Award Ceremonies, Fashion Shows, Fundraisers, Charities and Publicity for the city officials . Because of that we are one of the best event organizers in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our A to Z solution approach covers planning, implementation, and management using promoting and marketing in different Media. Samiras Network is the Total Event Management Solution. Samiras Network is a full service PR company. We offer Press Release Distribution, Marketing, and Social Media Management. We have Television Show(s) that airs through satellite and local channels.






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