Press Release – Luxury Gala 2024

Samira’s Network Presents:

Luxury Gala

(Oscars Screening and Awards Event)

at the

Luxurious Hilton Hotel


Los Angeles, CA — March 10, 2024 — Get ready for a night of glitz, glamour, and Hollywood magic as Samira’s Network proudly presents the annual Luxury Gala 2024 (Screening The Oscars) ! This star-filled extravaganza will take place at the opulent Universal Hilton Hotel,  at 555 Universal Hollywood Dr, Universal City, CA 91608.

About the Event: Celebrate the enchantment of film as we screen the Oscars on large LED screens. The Luxury Gala kicks off with a dazzling Red Carpet experience, followed by Hors D’oeuvres, a selection of appetisers, finger foods and beverages, and a delectable three-course dinner provided by Hilton.

Luxury Gala is produced by Samiras Network and stage hosts are:
– Financial Guru: Charlie Lowe
– World Boxing Champion: Ronald Johnson
International Award-winning Grammy Music Artist, Actor, Model and Humanitarian: Septimius The Great

Night continues with:

– A captivating Fashion Show,
– Live (Music and Dance) performances
– An unforgettable After-party.

To make the evening even more exciting, we’ve prepared an array of amazing Silent Auction Items and an illustrious Award Ceremony.

2:00 PM Red Carpet
2:30 PM Appetizers & Hors d’oeuvres
4:30 PM Luxury Gala Award Ceremony
5:00 PM Screening the Oscars®
6:00 PM Three Course Dinner & Wine povided by Hilton Hotel
8:30 PM Fashion Shows
9:00 PM Live Entertainment & After Party
11:30 PM Closing

Previous Success: 7th annual Luxury Gala and 4th sold-out gala at the Hilton Hotel in Universal City. With over 1,000 guests, including 100+ celebrities, business leaders, press, and social media influencers in attendance, the night was a testament to glamour and entertainment. Guests enjoyed a celebrity-filled red carpet, culinary delights, a 3-course dinner, and an electrifying after-party.

Highlights: The evening featured a live screening of the Oscars on large LED screens, followed by four captivating fashion shows showcasing the latest trends. The planned highlights will be mesmerizing performances:

  • Sir Earl Toon (singer/songwriter) – from the KOOL & THE GANG
  • Septimius The Great (performing his international hit song “I Am Fashion 2.0″),
  • Zzenia Rajjoub (singer/songwriter)
  • RJ II ( Singer/songwriter)
  • Hollywood Hot Shots ( Dance Group)
  • Brazilian Dance Group

Fashion shows by:

  • Eiko Gudnason  (EIKO’s World)  : “Bespoke Designer of The Year “
  • Christophe Schuhmann ( SkinTie ) :” 
  • Aiden Beni ( Aiden Bendi Design) : “
  • Marvin Bendana ( Creativo Studio) : “
  • Radhika Khurana (RasaNari ) : ”  Best Emerging South Asian Designer”


  • Bev Moore: ” Best Radio Host/Executive  Producer @iHeart Radio”
  • Saul Maxwell: ” Best International Celebrity Life Coach / Psychic/ Energy Healer”
  • Douglas Vermeeren: “Best Actor in the movie Jackknife”
  • Tony Khalaf  : ” Best Flavoured Alternative” 
  • Zeina Rajjube :” Best & Youngest Superstar of The Year

Movie Premier/Awards:

  • Movie: Undaunted, the story of Jane Aiko Yamano by Aurora Borealis Entertainment
    ( Gudni Gudnason) will be awarded as: ” Best Producer of the Year”
         and  ( Daniel Smith) as: ” Best Director of The Year”
  • Three Corner of Deception ( Dr Meleeka Clary) : “Outstanding Actress Award for ‘Three Corners of Deception'”
  • Un Grito en El Silencio (Miguel Angel Rodriguez): ” Best  International Actor / Director of The Year”

TV Series Awards:

  • Angel Dust by Break The Chain Productions Inc. ( Chrystal Snow): 

Silent Auction: The Gala included a silent auction with an array of incredible items for bidding, from unique experiences to luxury products and valuable memorabilia.

Sponsored by:   Vendor/Sponsor:
  • Saul Maxwell
  • Dream Models Magazine – Bev Moore
  • Victorioso Mezcal,
  • Fogo De Chao,
  • EIKO’s World,
  • Virginia Bennett ” Snowed”
  • Lifeway Kefir
  • KB Collections,
  • Skin Tie,
  • Silver Finger Food,
  • Rose Bakery
  • Baharnaz Gallery,
  • La Casa Camino Hotel,
  • Invest By Ali,
  • Jewels By Mala,
  • Samira Gem Creations
  • Tequila Dame Mas,
  • Melo Delight,
  • Nuestro Cafe
  • Suki Leung
  • Guestable,
  • Squeaky Cleaning,
  • H&D Allience
  • Royal Treatment Wellness,
  • Sweet Butterfly Boutique      
  • Vintage Treasures and Repairs inc.
  • Hypnosis By Naz
  • Modern Mystery School Northern California
  • Ubatuba Açaí

  • Looking Ahead:

    The Luxury Gala 2024 promises to be another unforgettable evening of entertainment, fashion, culinary delights, and networking.
    Samira’s Network eagerly anticipates hosting another magical night in 2024.


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Join us for a night of stars and style at the Luxury Gala 2024!


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