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Victorioso Mezcal




While others dilute their product or use premature agave, we pride ourselves
on our mezcal’s purity and quality. We produce our mezcal in small batches,
extracting natural sugars from fully mature agave known as “Capon”.

Our mezcal elixir is best enjoyed sipped and savored, rather than taken as a

With every sip you will uncover the complexity of different layers of flavors
based on the agave’s origin and type. The smooth essence of Victorioso
Mezcal will warm your body and soul, leaving you with a lasting impression.





Our mission is to preserve the culture and quality of mezcal that our ancestors would be
proud of.

Victorioso Mezcal captures the heart of and soul of the agave. Ours is a mezcal grown
from passion and tradition, passed down through generations of Mezcaleros, to bring
our consumers a premium spirit that will entice you with every sip.

The Sernas family stands for authenticity and excellence. In 1927, Eugenio Sernas Sr.
began growing agave in Matatlan, Oaxaca. By 1955 he had established one of the first of
five registered palenques and mezcal brands in Oaxaca. In the 1970’s, manufacturers
tried to diminish the quality, speed up the cooking process and increase production of
mezcal by using younger agave and adding sugars, flavorings, and highly flammable
objects. Juan Sernas was one of the pioneers who organized a strike and helped
establish the union to preserve the purity and quality of mezcal.

Today, Eugenio Sernas Diaz; continues his family's legacy as pioneers in their craft.

With intention and purpose, Victorioso Mezcal celebrates its artisanal process and
unique flavors best savored; a drink to be kissed.



The character of mezcal comes from three factors: terroir (the soil and weather
conditions of the land where the agave is grown), the type of agave plant, and the
local knowledge and traditions that are passed down through generations.

Victorioso Mezcal takes an artisanal approach towards production in order to create
an unadulterated style of mezcal. Our mezcalero, Eugenio Sernas, hand-selects
mature agave with the sweetest piña to ensure its purity and a full-bodied flavor. In
keeping with the 200-year-old tradition, the agave hearts (piñas) are cooked in
earthen pit ovens, later to be crushed by a circular millstone known as a tahona.
Without the addition of artificial yeast, open-air fermentation allows the sugars to
ferment using naturally occurring yeast. The mezcal is then distilled by hand in
traditional copper pots.

Victorioso Mezcal is never distilled to less than 45% ABV. Mezcal with an ABV lower
than this amount would not allow the agave plant to release its complex flavors. Our
production methods and family recipes result in a high quality, pure spirit for a
superior drinking experience.



Tasting Notes
Aroma: Orange Peel, Melon, Chamomile Flower, Pinecone, White Pepper, Sesame, Mead
Honey & Moist Earth.
Flavor: Lemon Peel, Nutmeg, Dulce de Leche, Pine Leaf & Resins
Victorioso Espadin (A. Angustifolia) Mezcal contains only mature agave (Capon), aged up to 12
years for sweetness and complexity of flavor.
Our Espadin has an expressive aroma of roasted agave, fruits and herbs backed by light smoke
and Dulce de leche. The palate offers complex, harmonious notes of orange peel, melon,
chamomile flower and honey.

The Espadin Agave, also known as Agave Angustifolia, is the most commonly used agave variety
used to produce Mezcal. Espadín’s popularity is due largely to its high sugar concentration,
which can yield larger volumes of spirit than other agave species (it takes about 20 pounds of
Espadín to make a liter of mezcal, while some agaves can require more than triple that amount).
Most Espadin Agaves are harvested between 6-8 years due to its scarcity of the plant and high
demand from producers


Tasting Notes
Aroma: Papaya, Ripe Pineapple, Mamey, Cempasúchitl Flower, Rosemary, Honey & Green Grass
Flavor: Banana, Coconut, Nanche, Cajeta, Peanut Shell & Cardamom
Victorioso Tobala (A. Potatorum) Mezcal uses agave that can take up to 15 years to mature
before being harvested. Tobala has a more distinct tone and an explosive flavor. It contains
sweet floral and herbal aromas in its silky textured body, with hints of ripe pineapple, papaya,
honey, and coconut.

Category: Tobala (A. Potatrum)
Region: Santiago Matatlan
Style: Joven
Age of Plant: 15+ years

ABV %: 45%

The Tobala Agave is a wild specimen, also known as (A. Potatorum), is considered the darling of
the mezcal world. The name comes from the Zapotec language, which means "hat is in the land
of rock and clay." It is small in stature but mighty in appearance and mostly found at elevations
between 1,300 and 2,400 meters in limestone soil, tropical forests & dry rocky climates. Tobalá
is an incredibly rare variety that cannot reproduce asexually (unlike many other varieties that can
propagate sexually and asexually). Instead, it relies on bats and birds to spread its seed. The
plant, due to its size, has a low yield and is more labor intensive, but its mezcal is considered
delicate, smooth, sweet, light in body and big in aroma & flavor.



Tasting Notes
Aroma: Green Prickly Pear, Lemon Peel, Jasmine, Honey sucks, Peppermint, Wet Mud, Copal &
Cashew Nuts
Flavor: Chico Sapote, Green Grapes, Cajeta, Rosemary, Toasted Walnuts, Mint, Anise & Aromatic
Victorioso Cuishe (A. Karwinskii) Mezcal uses agave that can take up to 15 years to mature and
harvest. Since the entire trunk undergoes fermentation, the resulting spirit has a higher fibrous

and vegetal flavor profile. Our Cuishe mezcal is spicy, subtly sweet and herbaceous, well-
balanced with hints of green pear, lemon peels, Jasmine and green grapes.

The Cuishe Agave (A. Karwinskii), is one of the rarest species found in Oaxaca. It is also one of
the most distinct plants, with leaves growing outward from the baseball-bat-like piña and
growing up to 7 feet tall. This unique structure makes this agave difficult to produce and
harvest. Karwinskii mezcal often contains an herbal, mineral-rich, spicy flavor profile.



Tasting Notes
Aroma: Green Mango, Watermelon, Tangerine, Orange Blossoms, Mint, Dill, Thyme, Pollen &
Flavor: Cajeta, Pumpkin Seed, Mango Peel, Licorice & Anise
Victorioso Ensamble Mezcal is unique as it consists of four distinct types of wild agave, equally
proportioned and cooked altogether. It contains agaves: Mexicano (A. Rhodacantha), Cuishe (A.
Karwinskii), Tepeztate (A. Marmorata), & Tobala (A. Potatorum). Our Ensamble has an earthy
expression, with a slightly smoky bouquet and hints of green mango, watermelon, honey, and
orange blossom that will tingle your senses and leave a lasting impression.

An Ensamble is a mezcal made from different agaves which go through the entire production
process together. They are harvested, roasted, crushed, fermented, and distilled all together.



Our bottle is inspired by the Oaxacan pyramids and Zapotec culture. The
Victorioso logo represents the origin of mezcal. Legend has it, that lightning
struck the heart of an agave plant, roasted it releasing the fermented juice,
known as the “Elixir of Gods”.

Victorioso Mezcal is not just in a bottle. It is a trophy, a pyramid, a symbol of
the past infused into a drink that honors our future.



Instagram: @victoriosomezcal




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