Become Brand Ambassador

Before you start the application form to become Brand Ambassador you must have purchased your ticket to the event:

A brand ambassador is someone who is genuinely interested in our brand and is willing to spread the word. Brand ambassador programs can be structured differently according to our goals. Brand ambassador program is used to launch our new product and to target a new consumer market.
How we Structured our Brand Ambassador Program
  1. We Keep it Simple.
  2. You decide What Type of Ambassador Program You Want.
  3. Our management keep you motivated With Perks & Benefits.
  4. We ( Our management team and You) will Identify Key Success Factors for the Program.
  5. We will measure your success.
Here’s a five-step guide to becoming a successful brand ambassador:
  1. Buy your own ticket first. Sell more tickets and Sponsorships. Nominate Leaders who deserve awards, introduce volunteers, musicians, singers, dancers, celebrities to us and introduce our brand. We are looking for someone who best represents its values and personality.
  2. Build followers and engagement.
  3. Create a cohesive look and feel.
  4. Understand the guidelines.
  5. Conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • READ. . Read the application process before you apply. If it says “No text or phone calls”, then don’t text or call the booking coordinator. Simply ignoring the application instructions can immediately have your name crossed off the list of potentials. This also applies to any emails or other documents sent prior to the event.
  • BE PREPARED. Check the weather the night before the event. If it looks like rain, bring a rain jacket. If it looks cold, bring extra layers, gloves, hat, etc. Look at map for the event location and parking.
  • CHECK YOUR APPEARANCE. Make sure you look presentable. Brush your hair.  Guys, shave your face. Iron your pants. Wear the required uniform, even if it means wearing knee-length khaki shorts (one of my least favorite). Look your best!
  • BE ON TIME. Be early to be on time. Allow extra time to park, extra time for traffic, extra time to walk, and any other possible delay.
  • COMMUNICATE. Give a heads up to the hiring manager or onsite contact if you are having car problems, if you are sick, or if you are in an accident. Ask questions. Tell someone. Hiring managers and onsite contacts are there to make the experience better for everyone. Feedback is always good!
  • LISTEN. When you get onsite, you will typically go through training. Pay attention to training. If your onsite manager gives you directions, follow them. If given suggestions, try them.
  • LEAVE YOUR ATTITUDE BEHIND. Don’t cause drama, online or onsite when it comes to brands. Come ready to work. Work with a positive attitude, even if it means getting a little dirty. Someone will always remember the work you didn’t do or complained about doing.
  • REMEMBER YOU ARE A BRAND AMBASSADOR. You are hired to represent the brand. Know the brand messaging and facts. Think before you speak/act when in logo. Promote the brand and give consumers a positive brand image. You’ll get “bonus points” if you positively promote the brand and staffing agency on social media.
  • DON’T GET DISCOURAGED. Sometimes it’s hard to constantly approach strangers asking questions or trying to get someone’s attention. Whether you are being ignored or constantly told “no” because they’re not interested, just keep pushing. Continuous rejection can be hard, but persistence doesn’t go unnoticed. Also, if you notice fellow brand ambassador starting struggle, help out, pick him/her back up.
  • HAVE FUN. SMILE. The day will go by faster. The more you enjoy what you’re doing, the more everybody else will enjoy talking to you and working with you, and the better the brand will look. To me, this is the most important tip.
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