At Luxury Gala, we take great pride in curating an exclusive and sophisticated experience for our guests. To ensure the highest quality, luxury, and alignment with our values, we have established the following rules and criteria for accepting sponsors and talent:

  1. Luxury and Quality Products/Services:
    Sponsors and talent must offer products or services that exemplify luxury, quality, and excellence.
  2. Background and Good Influence:
    Individuals and companies should possess a positive and influential background, contributing to the betterment of society.
  3. Legitimate Products and Services:
    All products and services must be legitimate, adhering to legal and ethical standards.
  4.  Philanthropic Initiatives:
    We prioritize sponsors and talent engaged in philanthropic activities and social responsibility.
  5.  High Level of Correspondence:
    Effective and respectful communication with guests and clients is paramount.
  6.  Professionalism:
    Sponsors and talent are expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times.
  7.  No Profanity or Bad Language:
    Profanity and offensive language are strictly prohibited in all communications and interactions.
  8.  Appearance Standards:
    Individuals, including talent, should present a polished and sophisticated appearance, avoiding face tattoos or associations with gangs.
  9.  Good Reputation:
    A solid reputation for integrity, reliability, and trustworthiness is essential for acceptance.
  10.  Cultural Sensitivity:
    Sponsors and talent should demonstrate cultural sensitivity and inclusivity.
  11.  Exclusivity:
    We strive to maintain an exclusive atmosphere, and sponsors and talent should enhance this ambiance.
  12.  Commitment to Excellence:
    A commitment to excellence in all aspects of their work and representation.
  13.  No Controversial Associations:
    Sponsors and talent should avoid associations with controversial or divisive groups.
  14.  Commitment to Event Objectives:
    Alignment with the objectives and values of Luxury Gala is crucial.
  15.  Respect for Diversity:
    Embracing and respecting diversity in all its forms.

This policy reflects our dedication to delivering an unparalleled luxury experience at Luxury Gala. We reserve the right to decline sponsorship or talent participation that does not align with these standards.

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