Media Instruction

As a Media (photographer or videographer ) at our events, we would like you to take a wide range of photos and videos that capture all aspects of the event. Please follow the checklist below to ensure that you provide us with all the necessary photos and videos.


Aspects of the Event Importance Timeline
Red carpet High Early in the event
Vendor booths High Early in the event
Entire ballroom High Throughout the event
Table setup High Early in the event
Products High Throughout the event
Banners High Throughout the event
Models High During fashion show
Fashion shows High During fashion show
Awardees High During award ceremony
Performers High During performances
Gifts High During gifting or throughout the event
Awards High During award ceremony
Dinner High During dinner
Food High Throughout the event
Individual guests Medium Throughout the event
Couples and groups Medium Throughout the event
Decorations Low Early in the event


It’s important for photographers to capture high priority items early in the event to ensure they don’t miss anything important. They should also aim to take photos of medium and low priority items throughout the event, but they can prioritize those based on available time and opportunities. It’s important for photographers to submit their photos promptly, ideally within 2 days of the event, and to ensure the file names contain their initials and the event date for easy retrieval. If their photos do not cover all the high priority items in the checklist, they may not receive credit for their work.
To ensure easy retrieval, please name the files with your initials, the event date and a brief description of the photo. For example, “JK_05-20-2023_RedCarpet.jpg”.

Please submit your photos no later than 2 days from the event. Please note that if your photos do not include all the items in the checklist, you may not receive credit for your work.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to receiving your photos.


Event Photography Checklist

  1. Individual Guests
  • Guests arriving
  • Guests mingling
  • Guests enjoying food and drinks
  1. Couples and Groups
  • Couples and groups of guests at tables
  • Couples and groups of guests mingling
  • Couples and groups of guests on the dance floor
  1. Red Carpet
  • Guests arriving on the red carpet
  • Guests posing for photos on the red carpet
  • Event signage and branding on the red carpet
  1. Vendor Booths
  • Individual shots of each vendor booth
  • Vendors interacting with attendees
  • Product shots of vendor merchandise
  1. Sponsors
  • Sponsor logos and branding
  • Sponsor representatives interacting with attendees
  • Product shots of sponsor merchandise
  1. Table Setup
  • Centerpieces and table decor
  • Place settings and table settings
  • Food and drink arrangements
  1. Decorations
  • Overall event decor, including lighting and backdrops
  • Flower arrangements and centerpieces
  • Other decor elements, such as balloons, drapes, or props
  1. Entire Ballroom
  • Wide shots of the ballroom, including seating and decor
  • Shots of the stage or entertainment area
  • Shots of the event from different angles and perspectives
  1. Products
  • Product shots of any merchandise or products being sold or promoted
  • Product shots of any event swag or giveaways
  1. Banners and Signage
  • Shots of any event banners or signage
  • Shots of sponsor or vendor signage
  1. Models and Fashion Shows
  • Shots of models on the runway
  • Shots of models posing for photos
  • Shots of fashion show guests and attendees
  1. Awardees and Performers
  • Shots of any award recipients or honorees
  • Shots of performers on stage or in action
  • Shots of guest reactions to awards or performances
  1. Dinner and Food
  • Shots of food and drink offerings
  • Shots of guests enjoying food and drinks
  • Shots of catering or kitchen staff
  1. Gifts and Awards
  • Shots of any event gifts or awards
  • Shots of guests receiving gifts or awards
  • Shots of any gift or award displays

Note: All photos should be clearly labeled with the photographer’s name initials and the event date for easy retrieval. Photos must be submitted within 2 days of the event. Photos that do not meet the above criteria may not be accepted or credited.



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