Elevate the Beauty Beyond the Runway

Makeup Artist Volunteers at Luxury Galaย ย 

Thank you for considering becoming a Makeup Artist Sponsor for the upcoming Luxury Gala, where glamour and sophistication converge on the runway. We value the artistry and expertise that makeup artists bring to the fashion world, making each model a canvas of beauty and style.

What We Offer: As a Makeup Artist Sponsor, you will have the exclusive opportunity to showcase your skills and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the event. Your brand will be prominently featured, and you’ll gain exposure to a diverse audience of fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and media representatives.


      1. Arrival and Setup:
        • Arrive at the venue by 8:00 am on the day of the event to set up your makeup station.
        • Ensure you have all necessary tools, equipment, and a variety of high-quality makeup products suitable for different skin tones and styles.
      2. Model Consultations:
        • Collaborate with models, fashion designers, and hairstylists to discuss the envisioned makeup looks for each segment of the fashion show.
        • Provide professional advice and expertise to enhance and complement the chosen fashion styles.
      3. Application Process:
        • Begin makeup application promptly following model consultations, paying attention to detail and adhering to the agreed-upon styles.
        • Be prepared to work efficiently and maintain a steady pace to ensure all models are ready on time.
      4. Collaboration and Flexibility:
        • Collaborate with fellow makeup artists, hairstylists, and designers to create a cohesive and visually stunning overall look for the fashion show.
        • Be adaptable and open to adjustments based on last-minute changes or creative decisions.
      5. Quality Assurance:
        • Ensure that all makeup products used are of the highest quality, hypoallergenic, and suitable for professional use.
        • Prioritize hygiene by regularly sanitizing tools and maintaining a clean work area.
      6. Final Touch-Ups:
        • Remain available for final touch-ups before models hit the runway, making certain that each model looks flawless and confident.
      7. Presence Throughout the Event:
        • Stay on-site until the models are fully ready for the fashion show.
        • Be available for any touch-ups or adjustments that may be required during the event.

How to Apply: If you are passionate about elevating beauty and creating unforgettable looks, we invite you to apply as a Makeup Artist Sponsor for Luxury Gala. Please submit the following:

      1. Portfolio: Showcase examples of your previous work, highlighting your versatility and proficiency in different makeup styles.
      2. Resume: Provide a comprehensive resume outlining your experience, qualifications, and any relevant certifications.
      3. Cover Letter: Express your interest in being a Makeup Artist Sponsor for Luxury Galaย  and briefly describe your approach to creating stunning runway looks.

Submit your application to info@luxurygala.com by Jan 30th.

Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity to be an integral part of the Luxury Gala, where your artistry will contribute to the magic of the runway! We look forward to receiving your application and creating a memorable event together.

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