Mperial Sportswear

Owner: Michael Chandler- I served 21 years in the Air Force in the Space Systems Operations career field. Retired in 2017. I’ve always been a basketball player who was into the sneaker culture and fashion. I’ve combined my love for basketball and fashion to create Mperial Sportswear.
Social Media Handles:
Instagram- @Mperial_Sportswear
Twitter- @Mperialsports
Facebook Page- Mperial Sportswear
Tel: 719-201-8273
Company info:
Owned and operated by a 21 year retired Air Force veteran, Mperial Sportswear is a new fashion line in sports apparel that caters not just to athletes, but to all consumers in general. Mperial Sportswear produces the most unique, high quality basketball shorts in the market. Design options include sublimated, embroidered or a mix of both creating a professional look and feel. Everything is custom made when ordered so short, tall, big or small, all sizes are available. Whether you’re into old school, new school, the sneaker culture, movies, music, games or fashion in general, you’ll be able to find something from Mperial Sportswear to fit your needs. If you can’t find it at Mperial Sportswear, customers can make the request and the item will be custom made for them. Options are endless!
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