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Internationally renowned producer and award-winning television host, Samira Kazemeni is the president of Samira’s Network. She has produced over 300 upscale events. Samira is the visionary mind behind Luxury Gala, a lavish and unparalleled award night, regarded as Hollywood’s largest and most popular Oscar® Screening event available to the public.

Samira was born in Tehran, Iran, where she lived until the age of seven. She and her family moved to Japan for one year and then settled in Bangkok, Thailand where she spent most of her childhood before moving to United States to pursue her college degree. She graduated with a BA in International Marketing and Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Samira went on to become the creator and founder of her company: Samira’s Network and Luxury Gala. Samira’s Network is a total solution consulting firm, providing marketing, sales and public relations solutions for individuals and organizations in any level professionally. Samira’s Network is also an award-winning international television network, hosted and produced by the multi-faceted crowned beauty queen and jewelry designer.

Samira’s Network television shows are produced and broadcast in Los Angeles, California, the entertainment, TV & film capital of the world.

Her TV shows are entertaining, educational, informative and family-friendly. Her programs feature impressive celebrity & royalty guest’ interviews, the latest in technology, health & beauty products, fashion shows, live cooking demonstrations, news, and of course, up to the minute coverage of Hollywood’s red carpet and charity events.

Samira’s Network main goal is to educate, guide, encourage and empower her audience to reach their full potential and highest level of positive living, thus making a difference in the lives of all TV viewers.

Samira’s life was turned upside down, when, in 2018, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (AngioSarcoma) Samira then turned her focus on an alternative treatment that would help alleviate her symptoms. Samira was fortunate that surgery was effective in tackling the issue. However, she still needs medical care in order to keep the cancer in remission.

Samira has found that the use of using Ultra CBD products was beneficial in her treatment and felt compelled to share and promote the benefits of these products in order to help others with similar ailments.


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Samiras Network, inc has produced, managed and organized  over 300 events in the past from:

  • Award Ceremonies,
  • Movie Premier,
  • Corporate Events,
  • Conventions & Expo,
  • Fashion Shows,
  • Fundraisers,
  • Charities,
  • Publicity for the city officials
  • To political campaigns and more.

Because of that, we are one of the best event organizers in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our A-To-Z solution approach covers planning, implementation, and management using promotional and marketing efforts in different Media. Samiras Network is a Total Event & PR Management Solution Provider.  We offer Press Release Distribution, Marketing, and Social Media Management. We have Television Show that airs through satellite and local channels. Samiras Network works closely with the media to give you the opportunity to have your product(s) or service(s) featured in local, national and international coverage, creating a well-rounded promotional opportunity with celebrities and the business individuals.


Samira’s Network TV SHOW is hosted by Jewelry Designer and Beauty Queen Samira Kazemeni.

An International Variety Talk Show that aired on KSCI channel 18, which attracts Entrepreneurs,  CEOs,  A-list  celebrities, Media outlets, and Hollywood stars, is hosted by Samira has become a multi-faceted, star magnetizing, award winning, international variety Talk show phenomenon.

As her show maintains a Hollywood glitz, appealing to doctors, lawyers, athletes, and a large, diversified audience, as her audience has been tracked from California, Mexico, and Canada to The Middle East. she provides informative programming that both entertains as well as educates.

Her mission, she states is: “We have a few TV shows. Our Local Show on LA 18 covers all of Los Angeles County, Orange County and part of San Diego and our International TV show covers United States, Mexico, Canada, Middle East and More.”

Kazemeni has metamorphosized into so much more than a tv host and beauty queen as she has not only produced over 300 shows and counting but also provides coverage for Oscar Viewing Parties, and other holiday, seasonal, and topical events, as well. Her ever-reaching entertainment appeal continues to widen and cross cultural, racial, and gender parameters.




Samira’s Network is also the epitome of a one stop PR/management team, providing musicians, actors, designers and managing and planning events, charities, fashion shows, fundraisers, Movie Premiers  live and silent auctions and offering, many, if not all of the resources of some of the biggest management, productions, and PR firms. In fact, they also serve the DIGITAL NEEDS of the police and LAW ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENTS  as well. Having produced, managed, organized, filmed, edited, while  buttressed by more than 1200 sponsors, Samira’s Network, provided diversified media exposure and has  enabled at least 450,000  international and domestic entities’ entertainment, and marketing needs, during the last 8 years. As a result, their ability to saturate your products  positioning and branding needs, including celebrity endorsements, and providing PRESS RELEASES within many markets, simultaneously, is tremendous!

Samira’s Network will place your products, and services  to the A-List Stars. Movies, TV shows, Magazines and more.

    As a leading Los Angeles public relations firm, Samiras Network has built its reputation on consistent innovation, effective strategy, and lasting results. Leveraging close working relationships within its home and national media markets, the agency is known for game-changing
  •  campaigns that position clients at the top of their industry.

Social Media:

    Whether talking grassroots efforts, guerilla strategies, or its proprietary millennial marketing techniques, Samiras Network was made to deliver a fresh and researched perspective on an industry that’s constantly evolving. The agency’s skilled media team utilizes all spokes of the marketing umbrella to ensure maximum impact and measurable results.
    As a top public relations agency in Los Angeles, we develop strong and integrated social media strategies for clients in many industries. We help our clients unite their brands with social media buzz, creating meaningful connections with their desired audiences.

It comes equipped with cameramen for your filming, editing, and image making needs. Its talented film crew can perform both in studio or on location. Their post-production skills are second to none and they can pit their editing skills with the best production houses; Production of commercials; production of short films; PSA creation; technical film creation available; industrial films; student films; animation available; Studio music production and editing;

Interestingly enough, our social media presence is powerful and rising, having more than 1 million followers on INSTAGRAM. 1 million followers on Instagram Follow us @samiranetwo


Fashion Shows

Samiras Network had produced many fashion shows and was in charge of every aspect of a runway fashion show for other designers. Samiras Network coordinates and bring all pieces of the show together, including models, staff, lights, sound, seating and recording of the show. Basically both the creative and business duties of producing a fashion show.

Most of the fashions shows are produced by Samira’s Network and Jewelry is by Samira Gem Creations.



Within the framework of production, Samira’s Network is  geared towards the high profile model, actor, as well as the up and coming talent, as they provide both model and product photo shoots. In the fast paced world of marketing, advertising and product placement,  few variables outweigh viewing a product, reading about its content and watching it in use= This CULMINATES with INCREASED SALES=$$

INCREASE CONVERSION—EASIER TO CHOOSE PRODUCT-SALES INCREASE :The primary benefit of choosing the correct or most impactful photography——best company—-for your business and product is for the BRANDING, POSITIONING or “CENTERED” dimension. Online shopping photography SATISFIES the web browser’s ONLINE SHOPPING CHALLENGES and makes it easier to choose which, via the best visuals, graphics, and  images, BEST FITS  one’s needs—This CULMINATES with INCREASED SALES=$$ Products Photograph: Benefits of good products photography is

  • Builds Your Brand. …
  • Promotes Silent Communication. …
  • Sets Right Expectations. …
  • Keeps Competitors Away.


Samira’s Network also does Celebrity Gifting suites where companies give products/services  to celebs  in exchange for celebrities allowing themselves to be photographed on the red carpet in front of the generous companies’ logo or they can place their products in  the GIFT BAGS.

What exactly is a gifting suite?

The Hollywood Celebrity  gifting suite is the thirstier relative of the awards show gift bag. A bag full of free swag valued in the five-figure range and up, is a time-honored tradition during awards season and at film festivals like Emmys. Basically, celebrities, influencers are given a big bag.

 Product placement is becoming an increasingly important way for brands to reach their target audience in subtle ways. Businesses are using product placement to increase their sales, brand awareness, and draw in customers. other benefits are 1)Improved Brand Awareness. … 2) Instant Credibility. …

3) Interactive Channel. …4) Better Returns.


Celebrity Endorsement: Get our products in the Hands of A list Celebrities.  Celebrity endorsement is the forming of a relationship between a brand and an influential individual who “fits” with the brand and whose personality resonates with the target consumer. The celebrity may endorse the brand in several ways including appearances in adverts, mentions in the press or on social media.




ALAPIO Fundraising Gala

ALAPIO is a non-profit organization. ALAPIO provides free surgeries and free clinics to those in need. ALAPIO operates in Los Angeles. ALAPIO Gala 2017 consists of 700+ guests ( Doctors andUrgeons)

Samira’s Network did the whole Entire Red Carpet from the banners. Filming. Hosts, Photography. Samira’s Network also brought the  auction companies. All the Ballroom Decoration including all thee interior decorations  flowers plates Chair covers were done by Samira’s Network Team. The Entertainment singers and Dancers were also brought in by Samira’s Network. The stage was also decorated by Samira’s Network Team.







Honoring Men & Women In Uniform Annual Gala  & city Events in Los Angeles

Produced by Samira’s Network

The Royal International Beauty Pageant (www.royalpageant.com),

Samira’s Network also produces The Royal International Beauty Pageant.   The Royal pageant is a program which personifies beauty, talent, community service, inner beauty, poise, and style, as its contestants are given a platform to shine. More than a talent vehicle from which one can utilize it as a fame catalyst, Kazmeni’s Royal International Beauty Pageant emphasizes and, inspires and  promotes  beauty from within.

Infact, Samira said:  ” although we CREATE CONTENT via COMMERCIALS, providing EDITING and such for others,   We strive to inspire contestants to be involved in their communities, be positive role models to others and to lead by example in all they do”.

Royal International Beauty Pageant will support and promote beauty from the inside out – we want you to shine and be a model! Our pageant system is designed to develop young ladies into future leaders of tomorrow with good moral values, good goals and good community presence.




Talented writers saturate your products  positioning and branding needs, including celebrity endorsements, and providing PRESS RELEASES within many markets, simultaneously.


Talented technicians assist in the production of audio and visual content for TROUBLE SHOOTING AND IT HELP


Art for Peace Award takes every year at Saban Theatre with Over 3000 people.


Samiras Network‘s mission is to plan and implement programs and/or events that will bring experts, celebrities, actors, designers, artists, and interested companies together to educate, inspire and motivate its followers, audience and/or clients to make changes in people’s lives by maintaining their health, discovering beauty and striving for physical and mental well-being.


Samira Network’s Luxury Gala 2024, as it had in 2023, 2020, 2019 over 1000 guests, 100 sponsors, 100s of international dignitaries, royalties, and celebrities, is expected to draw over 1000 people this year. It was an enormous success. It even afforded guests the ability, within a meet greet arena of 200 media outlets, consisting of more than 100 celebrities, and past Oscar winners, along a 60-foot-long red-carpet platform, to SHOWCASE THEIR DIGITAL CONTENT—film festival style! A most diverse company, consisting of glitz, and fame. Provided diversified media exposure and has enabled at least 450,000 international and domestic entities, entertainment, and marketing needs, during the last 8 years.

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