Celebrities 2024


Charlie Lowe, Financial Guru, “Known for her role as Executive Director, Financial Advisor, and Global Sports & Entertainment Director. Ronald Johnson, Boxing Champion, “known for American Paradise (2024), Beyond the Trophy (2012) and Stay (2018). Septimius The Great, Music Artist| Actor| Model, Award winning singer and songwriter known for his Grammy award and his appearance on “ Double Dekoi”.

 Ana Lawson, Actress| Singer. Bev Moore, Film Producer | Talk Show Host| CEO, known for her Radio Talk show on the iHeart Network. Brock O’Hurn, Actor, known for performing in over 15 movies and TV series, including The Desperate Riders, The Real Bros of Simi Valley, and The Righteous Gemstones. Byron Cherry, Actor | Director | Producer, known for breakout role as Coy Duke in the iconic TV series “”The Dukes of Hazzard,”” has become a beloved figure in the entertainment world. Chalet Brannan, Actress that beat Leukemia at age 10, Oscar nominated for role in Tinker. Charis Michelsen, Actress, known as the influential Fashion & Beauty Co-Editor for Elle Global Woman (EGW) Magazine. Chrystal Snow, Actress| Producer | Writer, Award winning actress known for her impactful role in different movies, embodying her real-life commitment to supporting women. Currently producing the TV Series “Angel Dust”. Cynthia Rothrock, Actress, known for: “Lady Dragon” and “Karate Kid 3”.Danielle Vasinova, Actress| Producer, Known for her vibrant action-adventure roles. With a modeling career that began at 13, she transitioned into acting, starring in the action/thriller “Red Dead” and the animated action-adventure “Shinjuku”. Referring to her character as the “Wonder Woman of the west,” she stars as Belle in the video game “Belle’s War”, also in development as a television series and a motion picture. David Lockhart, Actor |Producer, Emmy Award winning and the 2018 American Martial Arts Hall of Fame Action Star of the Year. Don Wilson, Actor | Kick-boxing champion,” Don the Dragon Movie Greatest “,”Karate Kid 3”. Doug Vermeeren, Actor | Stuntman, known for his role in “How to be a Hitman 101”,”The Opus and “,”The Seance”. Tenants, Jackknife, Fresh Meat, Black Creek, The Opus. Dr. Meleeka Clary, Actress| Director |Writer | Filmmaker, known for her Radio Talk show and the movie” Three Corners of Deception.Duy Beck: Actor | Stuntman | Producer,award-winning actor, stuntman, model, and producer with a prolific career spanning over 150 films and various media outlets. Notable achievements include being profiled as one of America’s Top 50 Bachelors, receiving the Presidential Service Award, and induction into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2023.”.Eiko Gudnason, FASHION DESIGNER, “She will draw out your elegance with the Alchemy of the Soul through her artistic tools of fashion, jewelry and accessorizing, which all compound into a new glorious lifestyle that will fulfill your life. Estevan Oriol, Director | Producer, “Known for “Celebration”, ‘Get Down on It’ and several of Kool and the Gang’s Grammy Award-winning chart-toppers that were written by him. Eve  Mauro, Actress ,”known for her dynamic roles in action, horror, and sci-fi films, such as: “CSI Miami”, “ Black Noise”, “Cypher”, “ The Oath” and “ Age of the Living Dead. Freda Payne, Singer | Actress | Author, “known for her music success: Hit #3 in the US and #1 in the UK with her pop smash “” Band of Gold””. Fumie Suguri, WORLD CHAMPION Olympic Figure Skating Champion from Japan Gudni Gudnason, Artist| Musician| Poet| Producer, “known for American Paradise (2024), Beyond the Trophy (2012) and Stay (2018). Hamid Saeidi, Composer| Producer, “Well-known as first Iranian Grammy Award-winning composer, producer and santoor artist for the best “New Age Album”. Humberto Luna, TV host | Actor | Producer, known for his Radio show broadcast called El Show de Humberto Luna, Isaac Singleton Jr, Actor, known for playing Bo’sun from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and voicing Thanos in Marvel cartoons and games. James Duval, Actor, known for his roles in Independence Day”, “Go”, Donnie Darko, May , and the films of Gregg Araki, The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond and the mystery crime-thriller film Noirland”. Janice Dickinson, Actress known for widespread recognition as one of the first supermodels in the fashion industry, particularly during the 1970s and 1980s. Janice Dickinson is often referred to as the “world’s first supermodel. James  Quattrochi, Actor | Director| Producer,is a seasoned filmmaker. His debut film, ‘In the Kingdom of the Blind’ (1995), featuring William Petersen, Paul Winfield, and Michael Biehn, gained international acclaim. James continued his success with the award-winning ‘True Friends’ and ‘Jesus, Mary and Joey,’ starring a stellar cast. His versatility shines through projects like ‘Choker,’ ‘All In,’ and ‘The Prince and The Pauper,’ securing worldwide distribution Jason Faunt, Actor | Producer, Known for his professional debut in Power Rangers Time Force. Jimmy Delshad, Goodwill Ambassador | former Mayor of the City of Beverly Hills.  Jimmy Star, Actor | Director | Producer, “Known for his curating the #LatestBuzz in Indie and Mainstream realms, spanning music, pop culture, TV, and movies. John Ozuna, Actor / Master Martial Artist, “known for “Matrix 4”, “Venom 1 & 2” , ”Antman” & “The Wasp  13 Reasons Why”. Kat Kramer, Producer | Actress | Writer, “Award winning.” actress and the founder of “”Kat Kramer’s Films That Change The World”” and #SHEroesForChange. Kate Linder, Actress| Producer, known for her role in the “Young and the Restless”. Kathy Kolla, Actress| Director| Writer, “known for her roles in TV series such as Arrested Development (FOX), American Dreams (NBC), Eve (Warner Bros.), and Mr. Show with Bob and David (HBO)”. Ken Davitian, Actor, known best for “” S.W.A.T”, “Borat”” & “”Get Smart””. Kim Estes, Actor | Producer and primetime Emmy Award Winner. Kimberlin Brown, Actress, known for her role in “the young and restless” and “the bold and the beauty”. Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Actor | Singer | Songwriter, known for his impactful role as ‘Boom-Boom Washington’ in the iconic TV series “”Welcome Back, Kotter,”” marking a breakthrough in his versatile acting career.”. Mallory James Mahoney, Actress, Known for her role “Destiny Baker” on the Disney Channel series “Bunk’d” and “Ainsley Riches” on the Netflix teen-drama series “On My Block. Martina Webster, Producer, “CEO of DarMar Production LLC, is a film industry maven and owner of Show Low Film Festival”,May Liu Director | Actress | Philanthropist,founder of Miss Economic World, president of Superstar Art Foundation, seen on NewYork Times Square screen, Fox, NBC and CBS news. Presidential Volunteer Gold Award Winner signed by Joe Biden; 73rd Descendant of Royal Family Liu from Han Dynasty, Writer of book “The Royal Family Liu’s History & Decryption of Han Culture”. Her oil paintings were collected by Prince Savoy’s foundation. Her movie Lost in 24 gained 15 awards at multiple international film festivals. Michael Campion, Actor, “known for his Upcoming film “Cruel Summer Weekend” Star of Netflix’s “Fuller House”. Michael O’Hearn, Actor| Writer | Stunt, “known for his role in “Barbarian” and “Keeper of Time”, “World’s Finest”, “Days of our Lives”, “ Con Man”, 4x Times Mr. Universe. He was on over 470 magazine covers worldwide. Natalie Burn, Actress | Producer | Writer, “Known for her versatile roles in action-packed films, including collaborations with Antonio Banderas, Terrence Howard, and Dwayne Johnson. Her latest film: “Til Death Do Us Part,” and “The Enforcer” ,’Black Adam “, ‘Expendables 3’. Natasha Alam, Actress, known for her role as Yvetta on the hit HBO series, “”True Blood,”” iconic role of Anica a transgender character on “”Entourage”” series, and Tatyana on “”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. Natasha  Blasick, Actress | Model | Musician, known for her Starring in the new Netflix series VINCE STAPLES SHOW and the Peacock series Paul T. Goldman. Her upcoming roles include All-Star Weekend, Moms Rising, and Karaganda. With a background in dance and a Master’s Degree in International Economy, Patrick Kilpatrick, Actor | Producer | Writer, “known for his extensive career as a versatile actor, with notable roles in action films and TV series, such as: “Eraser”,”Minority Report”, “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory”,” Last Man Standing”. Patrika Darbo, Actress,” Emmy winning actress known for her roles in Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, In The Line of Fire, Speed 2 and Days of Our Lives. “Former TV Academy Governor”. Ramshad Shafa, Singer | Actor |Activist, “Award-winning singer known for her songs: “Bomb”, “Insaan “. Ray Michaels Quiroga, Producer | Actor | Director, “Award winning Producer known for his role in movies: ” Night Mistress””, CEO and Founder of Dream Cinema Productions LLC. Robert Leeshock, Actor | Producer | Writer, “Known for his recent executive produced the award winning, Sci-Fi, cult classic, “StarLeaf”. He is best known for his portrayal of lead character Liam Kincaid in Gene Roddenberry’s “”Star Trek”” derivative series Earth: Final Conflict.  Sasha Kerbel, Actress| Writer, “known for her meteoric rise in the world of radio and television, becoming a star DJ and host at Moscow’s top FM station “Maximum”” and later taking the airwaves at MTV Russia”. Saul Maxwell, TV personality, Celebrity Life Coach Healer, “known for his psychic ability. Sir Earl Toon, Musician | Singer | Songwriter, “Known for “Celebration”, ‘Get Down on It’ and several of Kool and the Gang’s Grammy Award-winning chart-toppers that were written by him. Steve Ross, Actor| Director | Producer, Award-Winning Grand Master of Martial Arts and Known for his roles in “CarnEvil Freak Show”, “Black Creek”, “Lionheart”, “Keeper of the City”, “Martial Action”. Tommy Anderson, Actor | Producer| Screenwriter, “known for “Seal Team”, “Wild West Chronicles”, “Life After Oblivion”,” Devotion”, War Story Wednesdays”, Bad Alice, “Haboob Wind”, “Outsiders”. Zeina Rajjoub, SINGER |SONGWRITER, known for her distinctive sound and first EP album.

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