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Dream Cinema Productions llc.

Ray Michaels Quiroga CEO / Producer / Actor

Dream cinema productions just finished shooting their SyFi / Horror film “ Night Mistress” starring Sharyn Wynters from “Batman” original tv series. Deborah Dutch – Hollywood Horror Scream Queen. Brinke Stevens Hollywood Horror Scream Queen. Tracee Lee Cocco – star of Star Trek next generation. Dream cinema productions is also developing the video game for distribution with Sony PS4. Dream cinema is also in preparations for a slate of new films including “. Green olds” starring Thomas Hayden church from sideways. Ray Michaels Quiroga has been an actor / producer / director and ceo of Dream cinema productions. Ray as an actor has been in multiple. Televisions show and films. With years of experience under his belt he is striving to turn Dream Cinema Productions into a film company that will make films in the path of making a change in this world for the better.

Dream cinema productions is in partnership with many Oscar winning producers and directors in the industry. It’s dream cinemas wish to make films and projects that will help all talent and mankind in anyway possible.


Dream CIinema Productions is a film corporation that produces high quality theatrical films and has been in the business for many years working with and partnering with many Oscar winning Directors, Studios and Producers.  Dream Cinema Productions has many films out in theatrical release and DVD distribution worldwide.

  Our current IMDB rating is 700, which makes Dream Cinema Productions among the top, elite Hollywood film making companies.  The lead Producer and CEO of the company, Ray Michaels Quiroga, has vast knowledge and experience in the business with years of partnership with other major named Producers, such as:  John D. Scolfield; Oscar winning Producer for JERRY MCGUIRE starring Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. Prodcuer, Roland Pelligrino of the AUSTIN POWER movies starring Mike Myers. Producer Todd Needham of the HISTROY CHANNEL, including shows such as SWAMP PEOPLE, CHASING STORMS, WEDDING CRASHERS and IN SIXTY DAYS.

 Producer, Ray Michaels Quiroga, is the lead Producer responsible for films such as MANSION OF BLOOD, starring Gary Busey, Robert Picardo, Calista Carradine, Pamela Hasselhoff, Mindy Robinson and the legendary Carla Laemmle. THE EXTRA, starring Tyrone Power Jr., from COCCOON and John Saxon, star of over 200 films. COTTON, starring Gary Cole and many other films you may find on IMDB.






Producer, Jerry Mao, is a Co Producer in our slate of films. Jerry has vast experience in financing, producing and and Line producing films and other corporate needs within the project.

  All of Dream Cinema Productions films have had major domestic distribution and foreign worldwide. Our company affiliations have been with major studios such as Paramount, Universal Studios, Lionsgate, Los Angeles Studios, Glasshouse Entertainment, Cinemate Studios and Colone Studios.

  Dream Cinema Productions has just finished shooting their first film in a new slate of lined-up films for the upcoming season.  The film, NIGHT 






MISTRESS, starring Deborah Dutch & Brinke Stevens -‘Hollywood Scream Queens’, Tracee Lee Cocco, star of STAR TREK television series, Sharyn Wynters, Cat-Girl of the original BAT

 MAN series & star of WESTWORLD, starring Yul Brynner. The film is set through distribution through Glasshouse Entertainment world wide on all platforms including theatrical, domestic and foreign, dvd, vcod, internet, Netflix, Hulu, Red Box and many more. Film is also being accented by the development of a video game based on the film to be distributed through Sony PS4 distribution world wide.

  Dream Cinema Productions is very proud of their new slate of films coming up on the line up.  Including: 


  1. GREEN OLDS aka DECEPTION ROAD (a dark comedy film) – starring Thomas Hadden Church, star of the successful film SIDEWAYS, ALice Eve, star of theatrical film STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, Finn Wittrock, star of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Film is completely owned, controlled, and operated by Dream Cinema Productions, who is owner of the IP. Film is contractionally agreed for distribution through Radiant Films Distribution for foreign and Lionsgate for domestic. All Actors are under contractual agreement. Our partners are Wild Invention Pictures, Producer Dallas Brannan, who produced the Oscar winning movie SIDEWAYS. Our other partners are CAA for domestic sales. This is a 5.4 million dollar motion picture all ready to go and contractually agreed by everyone.



  1. UNDER THE SHADOWS (a true story of the Flying Tigers during WW2). This film is a period piece with a budget cost of 71 million dollars. The movie is Produced and owned by Dream Cinema Productions and in partnership with Wind River Productions and award winning Producer James Fargo, who directed THE ENFORCER and DIRTY HARRY, starring Clint Eastwood. The movie is set to be shot in the United States and China. Stars in talks for roles in this film are with Michael Keaton, Matthew McConnaughey, Bruce Willis and Chris Pine. Directed by James Fargo and produced by Ray Michaels Quiroga.



  1. TICKER (an action adventure film) – starring Shin Koyomada, star of THE LAST SAMURAI, with TOM CRUISE. Also in talks with MEL GIBSON and DANNY HUSTON star of the film WONDER WOMAN. This film is owned and operated by DREAM CINEMA PRODUCTIONS in partnership with SHINCA PICTURES. Produced by RAY MICHAELS QUIROGA and Directed by JAMES FARGO. Film is to shot in Los Angeles with a budget of 25 million dollars.



  1. THE LAST KABBALIST OF LISBON (based on a true story of the massacre in Portugal in the 14th Century) – starring JEREMY IRONS star of BATMAN and LAST TRAIN TO LISBON. In talks with BRAD PITT and NICHOLAS HOULT. Film is set too be shot arround Lisbon Portugal with a budget of 25 million dollars. The film is a world best seller book which sold over 50 million copies. The film is owned by DREAM CINEMA PRODUCTIONS and produced by RAY MICHAELS QUIROGA in association with Cinemate Studios of Portugal.




  1. HEART OF THE DRAGON (action adventure thriller) Film is being directed by JEFF MCDONALD and produced by DREAM CINEMA PRODUCTIONS. Producer, RAY MICHAELS QUIROGA, is in association with SHINCA PICTURES and Producer, SHIN KOYOMADA. Film is being looked at by MEL GIBSON as Director and starring role. Film is budget at 25 million dollars. Shooting locations are set around Los Angeles, CA.





   Dream Cinema Productions LLC. International is always looking for and interested in partnerships with other production companies, Bankers, Investors, Product Placement, Growth and Development for future projects domestic and foreing. We welcome all inquiries and are very excited in developing our our company with yours. Lets grow together.

Ray Michaels Quiroga
CEO / Producer / Director / Actor
Studio Offices: (323) 314-8492
Facebook: Michaels Rayster

Attorney, Chandler A. Warren
(323) 422-8951

Legal Advisor, Mike Quiroga Sqr.
(323) 381-1161

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