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Dr. Meleeka Clary: Multifaceted Talent and Award-Winning Director
Three Corners of Deception.Movie Premiere 

Welcome to the world of Dr. Meleeka Clary, a multi-talented American clinical psychologist, paralegal, model, actor, and the visionary director behind the critically acclaimed film “Three Corners of Deception.

About Dr. Meleeka Clary

Dr. Meleeka Clary, born on October 14, 1973, in Boston, Massachusetts, is a versatile artist with a diverse range of accomplishments. Her journey has been marked by a series of accolades and awards, including the prestigious title of “Best Human Rights Director” at the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival, underscoring her commitment to impactful storytelling.

Entertainment Career

Dr. Meleeka’s foray into the world of entertainment began at a young age. Her early involvement in theater and performance set the stage for her future success. Notably, she performed in a Franklin Park Young and Youths Organization fashion show and recited dramatic poems as a child. Her talent was evident when, at 13, a director cast her as Harriet Tubman in a middle school play.

Throughout the years, Dr. Meleeka honed her skills at Vicki’s School of Dancing and Acting, participating in acting shows, commercial advertisements, and fashion shows. Her involvement in community-driven initiatives, such as Wipe Out Drug Abuse (WODA) and Black Essence, demonstrated her commitment to addressing social issues through her craft. She even took on the lead role in an original play, “When Your Sons Don’t Come Home And Why Me.”

Dr. Meleeka’s commitment extended beyond the stage, as she appeared on TV shows, contributing her voice to dialogue and public service announcements against teenage pregnancy. Her acting career blossomed further when she appeared in productions like “Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets” and popular TV shows like “Greenleaf,” “Nashville,” and “The Resident.”

In 2021, Dr. Meleeka Clary ventured into the director’s chair, marking her directorial debut with “Three Corners of Deception.” This compelling film is based on her personal experience of a divorce and custody battle, a deeply personal and poignant project that showcases her storytelling prowess.

Acclaim and Awards

Dr. Meleeka Clary’s creative endeavors have garnered recognition and acclaim, notably for “Three Corners of Deception.” Her achievements include:

  • Best Human Rights Director at the Toronto International Women Film Festival.
  • Best Female Director at the Toronto International Women Film Festival.
  • Best Female Director at the San Francisco Indie Short Festival.
  • Best Actress at the Festival Award at Global Film Festival LA.
  • Director honors at the Red River Film Festival.

Moreover, “Three Corners of Deception” was screened at esteemed film festivals such as the Berlin International Art Film Festival, where it received acclaim. It was also recognized as the Best Feature Film at the Paris International Women Festival, the Festival Award at the Medusa Film Festival, the Indian Indie Award, and the Festival Award at Global Film Festival LA.

Dr. Meleeka Clary’s remarkable journey in both psychology and the world of entertainment is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft and her commitment to addressing important social issues through her work.

Join us in celebrating the diverse talents and profound impact of Dr. Meleeka Clary, a true luminary in her fields of expertise.



Three Corners of Deception

“Three Corners of Deception” is a story about how a college law professor and an attorney fell in love over a Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend. They got married shortly thereafter, then started a family only to realize he wasn’t the man he said he was and a complete manipulation of the relationship occurred. The marriage ended hastily after a year, only to be carried out in a court of law that brought even more deception than what was originally thought. Eventually the court would rule against the mother in all areas due to judicial deception with judges, lawyers, and lawmen involved. They were part of the “good ol’ boy network.




Dr. Meleeka Clary and her revolutionary win at the Luxury Gala

There are a few professionals who only put in rigorous efforts to attain their personal goals, but a few rare gems see the larger picture and work toward fulfilling a bigger purpose in life. This quality has often led them to the forefront of their industry, making them influential personalities for the world to take inspiration from. Who better than Dr. Meleeka Clary to serve as an example here?
Dr. Meleeka Clary’s journey to success is not just a conventional story; it is much more than that, driven by challenges, a lot of patience and perseverance, and a determined mind with a powerful purpose to impact lives one day at a time through her work. She is not just an American clinical psychologist, paralegal, actor, model, and filmmaker but also an inspiring woman who immersed herself in everything she ever chose to do in her career, only to impact lives through counseling and psychology or filmmaking positively.
Receiving the recent “Best Actress Award” for her romantic-thriller film, “Three Corners of Deception,” at the Luxury Gala during the screenings of the Oscars adds another feather to her creative hat. Recalling the prestigious honor, she says, “It was a night full of glitz and glamor, and getting recognized amongst stalwarts of the entertainment world has only filled my heart more with gratitude. This is a significant milestone in my life, from being a clinical psychologist to becoming an award-winning director and actor.”
The event not only celebrated Dr. Clary’s achievements but also showcased other incredible shows like Fashion Shows, Music & Dance Performances, Silent Auction, Live Music, Award ceremonies, Entertainment, and so much more. Dr. Meleeka Clary’s name on this prestigious list is a testament to her outstanding performing and filmmaking talent.
William Garth, receiving the Best Cinematographer award for the film, made “Three Corners of Deception” a highly acclaimed and recognized film at the much-talked-about luxury gala. Winning this big at the prestigious event, Dr. Meleeka Clary couldn’t control her excitement and shared on Instagram about the fun she had with her family and friends while accepting the award for the best actress. She also shared her happiness about Will Garth winning the best cinematography award for her film at the Luxury Gala during the screenings of the Oscars, and in the end, thanked the almighty.
The recognition garnered at the Luxury Gala 2024 not only acknowledges Dr. Meleeka Clary’s talent but also serves as a testament to her dedication and perseverance in the industry. As she continues to make strides in her career, she remains an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers, actors, and professionals worldwide.

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Arnelle Cruz

My name is Arnelle Cruz. My book ( The Survivor Story Of Arnelle A Girl From Africa ) is now available online in three different formats: E-book, Paperback, and Hardcover.  My book can be found on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Indigo Chapters, Smashwords, Goodreads, Apple Books and many other websites. It is now being sold internationally and is available in English, but I intend to have it translated into major languages around the world.

 “The Survivor Story Of Arnelle A Girl From Africa” is about my life and the war that happened in Liberia West Africa. I talked about what the life was look like and my experience living as child during the war in Liberia. I came to Canada on September 10/ 2003 and have lived in Edmonton ever since my arrival to Canada. Six Months after I moved out of Africa to Canada, I competed for “Canadian Idol, Season two”, at which time I carried the name Arnelle Wilson because I was not yet married at the time. I was still a teenager in high school. I got the chance of meeting the Canadian Idol celebrity judges which wasn’t very nice to me and if you were to  asked me how I felt during my competition, I would say I felt bullied.  In 2011,  I compete for “Canada Got Talent” and was interview on Breakfast TV. My book ( The Survivor Story Of Arnelle A Girl From Africa ) got its very first review in ( The Hollywood Times Online Magazine) and has been offer another interview for a women magazine called ( Formidable Women Magazine ) which do have an online version and a hard copy version as well. I am invited to the Oscar Viewing Feb 9th in 2020, to be given the chance to speak about my book and hopefully sign a movie deal.

Facebook Profile: Arnelle .M Cruz

Facebook Page: @keepingupwitharnelle

Instagram: @keepingupwitharnelle

Twitter: @arnellecruz

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arnelle-cruz-a94382183

Website: www.keepingupwitharnelle.com

Hollywood Times Magazine Review:


By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/15/19 – Arnelle M. Cruz was born with the gift to write. She grew up in Monrovia Liberia West Africa, a country where war was a way of life. She was in school one minute and the next minute she was running and hiding for her life. As if the horror from the war wasn’t enough to shatter her dreams, she was sexually molested as a child. She was afraid to talk about her molestation and the one adult she trusted did not believe her or get her justice. At 13, she was raped by a 36-year old Lebanese man and lost her virginity. When her mother later found out what had happened she said it was her fault and called her a prostitute. Although her mother never took any interest in her writing, Arnelle knew that she would write her own story one day and finally be heard. In her book, The Survivor Story of Arnelle A Girl From Africa, it is a raw story about the horrific experiences of the war in Liberia, the trauma of being molested and having no one to turn to and a girl named Arnelle who looked towards the only one she could trust to help her heal.

Share your upbringing.

   Arnelle M. Cruz: I did not have the perfect upbringing as most kids have it here in Canada with a loving mother and father and a system and society that protects them. I grew up without a choice, with a single mother and stepfather and later on just with a single mother. Growing up in Monrovia Liberia West Africa, a country where war became our way of life, I was in school one minute and the next minute I am running and hiding for my life. I didn’t get the chance to play like most kids in developing countries. I grew up fast, learn things fast and was forced not to be afraid. I was sexually molested as a child and was afraid to talk about my molestation and the one adult I trusted did not believe me or get me justice. When I was 13, I got raped by a 36- year old Lebanese man and lost my virginity. When my mother later found out what had happened to me she said it was my fault and called me a prostitute. I grew up with not knowing who to trust and who will protect me. My only strength was to depend on Jehovah God to guide me and protect me in what I saw as a horrible life.

Describe a memory that forever changed your life.

Arnelle M. Cruz: What forever changed my life is the gift of motherhood. Not just being able to have a baby or bring kids into this world, but the opportunity to be able to love, care and protect my kids right. Learning from my past, I didn’t want to be to my kids the way my mother had been to me. It feels good to truly love someone and I love my kids with my life, and will sacrifice for them, love and guide them and most of all make my kids my best friend.

Arnelle M. Cruz

When did you discover your passion for writing? 

Arnelle M. Cruz: I was born with the gift to write, I’ve been writing ever since I was a little girl. I will write poems, I will write stories but my mother was never a big fan of my writing. Each time that I would take my writing to her seek her approval, she would tear my writing and put it in the garbage. Though I was disappointed and sad, I would never give up writing because writing has always been a part of me. What moves me about writing is knowing that writing is a piece of recorded information that will never expire. No matter how old a book can be, the information in a book will always be new to the one who’s reading it for the first time and educate the one who has already read the book.

What is your mantra?  

Arnelle M. Cruz: With everything that I have experienced in my life, my mantra is that Jehovah God does not judge us the way humans judge one another harshly. This mantra has helped me to not judge myself harshly and be more forgiving of myself for all that I have endured.

Tell us about your experience with Canadian Idol Season 2.

Arnelle M. Cruz: In 2004, I attended the Canadian Idol Season 2 Audition that was held at the Fantasyland Hotel at West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, AB Canada. I went at 4 AM with a taxi alone with no family support, but my passion for music kept me going. When I got to the West Edmonton Mall, there were thousands of people waiting in line to audition. I was unaware that due to the intense line-up, I had to sleep at the mall just to make the audition. While other kids and people had family there to support them like bringing them pillows and blanket to sleep on, hot chocolate and food, I had nobody there to support me. I was alone with no food, no blanket, no pillow and I had to sleep on the cold ground just to make the audition. I have asthma and sleeping on the cold ground with no pillow, no blanket was hard on my body and my lungs. By the morning, I was starting to get sick but I was determined to make the audition. The excitement of other people waiting in line for the audition helped to motivate me. While standing in line, someone randomly asked me if I needed something to drink and without having a second thought, I said yes and I was given a hot chocolate to drink. Though I was hungry, my excitement to be a part of the audition kept my attention away from my hunger. It was time for my audition and my asthma started acting up. I tried not to panic but breath slowly and gain control of myself. I did my audition but during my audition, it was hard for me to breath, I could not hold my breath for too long, and I kept stopping in between the song to breath. Though it was a scary experience for me because it was my first time being on TV, I still made it through the first and second audition. During my audition experience, I got the chance to take photos with Ben Mulroney and he did a TV interview with me on CTV.

After my second audition, I made it to the celebrity judge and was allowed to return for my last audition and if I had made it, I was going to go to Toronto for the top 100. A week before my last audition, I asked my mother Deborah if she was going to accompany me for my final audition and she said yes which got me motivated. The day came for my final audition and when I asked if she was going to come with me, my mother said that she would rather stay home and watch TV instead of accompanying me to my audition. Seating in the taxi on my way to the audition, all I could think about was what my mother said to me and that had me heartbroken and somehow killed my desire to perform that day but I still went to my audition. During my audition, I was asked to stand in front of the celebrity judges and because I was only six months out of Africa, I still had the African accent going on and with my lungs and asthma giving me a hard time, it was really difficult to freely sing but I did try. While I was singing one of the Judges by the name of Zack Werner told me that my voice sounded worse than dogs barking in the street. With not knowing what to reply, I just said thank you and I left the stage after my audition. I wasn’t chosen but I was proud that despite it all I did not give up on my dream of what it will felt like to audition for Canada Idol.

How do you use your voice in your writing?

Arnelle M. Cruz: In my writing, I have to use my voice by reliving my past to enable my readers to see what I see and feel what I feel. If I am unable to relive my past I am unable to write my story and that is why it took me 7 years to write my story because of the raw emotions. I kept running away from my story because reliving the trauma and horror in my life was difficult for me. My story is raw, nothing in my story is sugar-coated. It is just as my eyes saw it, ears heard it and body felt it- it was written down. Each time my readers read my story they get the chance to relive my life as well.

Tell us about your book, The Survivor Story Of Arnelle A Girl From Africa

Arnelle M. Cruz: Apart from the media report such as CNN, BBC and other news outlets that cover the war in Liberia, they were limited as to what they were allowed to say to the international communities, leaving people with an unclear picture of the effects of the war in Liberia. I wrote my story to bring awareness to the international communities about how the war in Liberia has affected the lives of millions, leaving them with an unstable future where they must try so hard to fit into society. Though I didn’t have such a great experience with my mother but my mother was my only parent and losing her took a toll on me and her death was hard for me to accept. In spite of everything, I do truly love my mother and the writing of my story was my way of keeping her alive until it reaches the part in my story where she is no more. I also wrote about my life to be the voice of those who are unable to speak of their trauma and to let them know that it is ok to talk about these things as a way to let go and heal. My book, The Survivor Story Of Arnelle A Girl From Africa, takes the reader on a journey of my life and my experience with the war in Liberia. My book talks about when I was molested as a child and also seeing dead bodies for the first time. It talks about my horrific experience with the war in Liberia, my different emotional experiences and what life was like for me living in other African countries as a refugee.

Arnelle M. Cruz: My book can be found at Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple Books, Goodreads, Indigo Chapters and other websites.

Did you find writing your story therapeutic?

Arnelle M. Cruz: Yes, writing my story has truly helped me heal. All of my life experiences I talk about in my book was something I was unable to talk about because no one would listen or I was not allowed to talk about it. Now that I have become brave enough to talk about my story, I feel free. I am not burdened by fear or my painful past. I am pleased that more people will read my story and be brave enough to tell their story without fear of judgments and rejections or of a past that hunts them.

In one sentence, what do you want people to know about your story?

Arnelle M. Cruz: I want people to know that war is not the solution to our problems, that war is a monster that destroys us all, leaving us with broken people and a broken society. War is not a game, it is a sad reality of mankind’s selfish gain.

Do you have any other thoughts?

Arnelle M. Cruz: Yes, I do. humans are unique and beautiful, there are lots we can learn from one another if only we all learn to love one another and respect one another without allowing politics and religion to determine who is better and who is not. We have a beautiful planet that is filled with life from plants, insects, animals, and humans. There is so much we can learn from one another if we are willing to learn that life is beautiful. Every child is born innocent, so let’s learn to teach love, care, compassion, kindness, and respect amongst each other and give that in return to our planet so that we create an environment that is safe for all.

Facebook: @keepingupwitharnelle, Arnelle .M Cruz

Instagram: @keepingupwitharnelle

Twitter: @arnellecruz

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arnelle-cruz-a94382183


Website: www.keepingupwitharnelle.com

Nirvana Bars




Exercise and recovery was a natural focus as working out has always been my daily solace. With my hectic schedule, I relied on readily available protein bars as a quick meal. I was frustrated that the available protein bars were either nutritionally balanced, but full of artificial and low quality ingredients, or were all natural, but had the macronutrient profile of a candy bar. Without a good alternative, we began making our own.

Once we started researching ingredients with various health benefits- Nirvana Bars was born.


As a huge advocate of proper diet and as someone who doesn’t cook – I’m all about convenient nutrition. With a background in business and production, it was a natural fit as we brought our individual skills to the project. I’ve always aligned myself with the adage of making food your medicine so medicine doesn’t become your food – so I couldn’t wait to bring these bars to market.

As sisters, Nirvana Bars is our passion and providing clean functional food is our mission.


100% Whey Protein Isolate: Whey protein is a complete protein comprised of the 9 essential amino acids – in the necessary proportions – that are vital for muscles to recover and grow. We chose the highest, purest, quality isolate because it is easily and quickly absorbed to enhance recovery following exercise.

Organic Sweetened Cacao Nibs*: Cacao nibs are the least processed and most natural form of chocolate. They include a plant-based source of iron and are also a source of fiber, flavonoids, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants.


Organic Quinoa Crisps: One of only a few plant foods considered a “perfect protein” delivering all 20 amino acids. This seed is a source of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants such as flavonoids, as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

Chicory Root Fiber: From the flowering chicory plant and a source of the soluble fiber inulin. It also includes antioxidants, which in plants often come in the form of compounds called phenolics.

Organic Ginger Root Powder: Is comprised of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Organic Clover Honey: Includes vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Organic Buckwheat Groats: Not technically a grain or a cereal, buckwheat is derived from the seeds of a flowering plant. It is gluten-free and wheat-free and includes protein (including all 9 essential amino acids) and fiber.

GLUTEN-FREE Oats: Source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other biologically active compounds found in plants, such as phytochemicals – acting as antioxidants. As one of the first cereals cultivated by man, it is one of civilizations most ancient grains.

Turmeric Root Extract (Curcumin C3 Complex®): The flavonoid antioxidant, curcumin, is primarily responsible for turmeric’s health benefits. Standardized to 95% curcuminoids- our curcumin is of the highest quality. It is plant-derived and comes from a trusted source to ensure its quality and purity.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Bioperine®): Because curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream, consuming piperine (a compound found in black pepper) with it helps to significantly enhance the absorption of curcumin, along with several other minerals and vitamins.

Pistachios: Source of protein, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants such as flavonoids and phytosterols.

Organic Cocoa Powder: Source of fiber, antioxidants – including flavonoids, magnesium, potassium – and it includes plant-based source of iron.

Organic Flaxseed Oil: Is comprised of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s.

Organic Matcha Tea Powder: Is comprised of antioxidants- including EGCG. It also includes chlorophyll and vitamins.

Organic Coconut*: Coconut meat is a source of medium-chain fatty acids and it contains 17 amino acids- notably threonine, making it a plant based protein. It is also a good source of fiber and iron.


Organic Walnuts*: Source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Walnuts include ellagic acid- another naturally occurring plant chemical working as an antioxidant.


Organic Chia Seeds: An edible seed dating back to ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures, chia is a plant-based protein source with all 9 essential amino acids. In addition, it is a source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Sea Salt: Includes essential minerals and nutrients that are removed from standard table salt during the refining process.

Organic Beetroot Powder: Is comprised of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Organic 100% Cacao Chocolate Chips*: Made only with 100% pure cacao. No added ingredients. All the same amazing benefits as cacao nibs.


Almonds*: In addition to delivering vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, they also include antioxidants such as phytosterols.


Organic Hemp Seeds: Another plant based protein source that includes all 9 amino acids as well as a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Organic Coconut Nectar: Source of minerals, vitamins, and 17 amino acids. Coconut nectar, or “coconut palm” nectar, comes from the sweet sap tapped from the thick flowering stems of the coconut blossom.

Organic Cinnamon: Is comprised of polyphenol antioxidants. It can also be used as a natural food preservative.

Organic Pure Peanuts and Peanut Butter*: A source of potassium, fiber, healthy fats, magnesium, vitamin E, and antioxidants. (The flaxseed oil in our bars contain additional omega-3’s to improve the fatty acid profile of peanut butter.)


Organic Almond Butter: In addition to delivering vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, it also includes antioxidants such as phytosterols.

Dried Plums: Source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals- including manganese, iron, and plant phenolics functioning as antioxidants.

Organic Dried Wild Blueberries: Wild blueberries are generally more beneficial than conventional blueberries and also include anthocyanin, which act in plants as antioxidants. They are comprised of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Organic Dried Montmorency Tart Cherries: We specifically picked tart cherries due to their antioxidant activity as they deliver a range of bioactive compounds, including one of nature’s classes of flavonoids- anthocyanin. Anthocyanin act in plants as antioxidants and are thought to be beneficial during exercise.

visual artist, designer, sculpter and animatorExhibitor/Has Booth 

Karen White AKA Kewzoo is a mixed media artist, sculptor and animator based in Brisbane, Australia. While at Art College she majored in Animation but also studied Ceramics and Mixed Media subjects. She likes to use found objects as well as traditional mediums in her work and has a keen interest in up cycling.




Facebook    Kewzoo

Instagram   Kewzoo

Vila Beauty Resources

My goal is to get into the fashion show taking place in NYC, get my own custom made gown for the beauty pageant, and have Vila Beauty Resources get to worldwide shopping. My favorite song is Billionaire by Bruno Mars because I want to earn enough money to help give back to my country, especially to unfortunate kids residing in orphanages and the elderly. Every time I hear the song it gives me more motivation and strength. I love a variety of foods from countries in Asia such as Thailand. Japan, Cambodia, and many more. My habit is to taste and try many different varieties of food from various countries. My daily activities are running, walking, and Zumba. My workday starts from 5 am until 9 pm every day as a financial advisor. I offer free financial advice to low-income families, provide free education on how to manage monthly appliance bills, and to earn extra income. The current world situation for me is people need to be cleaner and educated about waste, especially in plastic issues and climate change. Furthermore saving more and planting more organic foods. If I had a chance to do one more thing I will do my best to end starvation and homelessness. We live in a world of people who are always wasting, but many others are unfortunate, living without enough to survive. Where I live, entrepreneurs and small businesses have the chance to thrive and are able to help the locals put food on the table if possible. I’ve started to feed the homeless every month because I feel they’re being forgotten from the world. I am a very energetic and passionate person. I love to create opportunities for others and help guide young people on the path to creating more opportunities for themselves and others. I believe in creating opportunities rather than waiting around for someone else to provide me with one. I love to take control of my work or environment I’m placed in. I love to provide support to low-income families in any way I can and to help them find a way to improve their situation. In order to create a better world, we need to start with poverty. “Educate to elevate” is what I firmly believe in. I believe that education and open-mindedness will bring happiness to others. Having more opportunities can bring joy and help others be less strenuous. Starting small but being consistent can make for a better future. Start with one family at a time. I dream of one-day ending starvation and homelessness around the world. To live in a world where everyone has a happy life, free of the fear of living out on the streets or not having enough to put food on their tables. Just a simple world with no worries and stress in their life.



Diem Ngoc Nguyen

Purpose Global Village


Purpose Global Village promotes education and literacy for marginalized children in the U.S and developing nations. In addition to sustainable social change and promoting literacy PGV partners with local artisans through economic partnerships which transforms families. “It’s a hand up, not a hand out!”  PGV is dedicated to Fair Trade Practices that empower families and bring about sustainable social change.



Our Designs

We collaborate with local artisans in different villages, and countries on the continent to create unique designs that represent the beauty of Africa with

an African American twist.

Our products are handmade by master artisans, none of our products are machine made or mass produced. Most of our products are made in Ghana, South Africa, Botswana and Uganda.  In addition to sustainable social change, we believe passionately in travel, good food, great friends, loving thy neighbor as self and the spirit of adventure!


Virgelia Productions

Virgelia Productions Inc.
Event Planners and Event Producers

Virgelia Productions, Inc. is a certified minority and woman owned corporation.

As event producers, Virgelia Productions Inc. is the producer and owner of the Federal Trademarks of the Miss Asia USA, Miss Teen Asia USA, Mrs. Asia USA, Miss Latina Global and Miss Teen Latina Global.

As event planners, Virgelia Productions, Inc. specializes in fundraisers, annual galas, fashion shows, pageants, corporate events and conferences. Committed to deliver memorable and successful events in the highest integrity and professionalism that will continue to exceed our clients, sponsors and audience expectations.

An award recipient of the Asian American Entrepreneur of the Year” Virgelia Productions Inc. is dedicated to contributing back to the community and supporting many of the non-profit organizations.

Toll Free: