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Dr. Meleeka Clary: Multifaceted Talent and Award-Winning Director
Three Corners of Deception.Movie Premiere 

Welcome to the world of Dr. Meleeka Clary, a multi-talented American clinical psychologist, paralegal, model, actor, and the visionary director behind the critically acclaimed film “Three Corners of Deception.

About Dr. Meleeka Clary

Dr. Meleeka Clary, born on October 14, 1973, in Boston, Massachusetts, is a versatile artist with a diverse range of accomplishments. Her journey has been marked by a series of accolades and awards, including the prestigious title of “Best Human Rights Director” at the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival, underscoring her commitment to impactful storytelling.

Entertainment Career

Dr. Meleeka’s foray into the world of entertainment began at a young age. Her early involvement in theater and performance set the stage for her future success. Notably, she performed in a Franklin Park Young and Youths Organization fashion show and recited dramatic poems as a child. Her talent was evident when, at 13, a director cast her as Harriet Tubman in a middle school play.

Throughout the years, Dr. Meleeka honed her skills at Vicki’s School of Dancing and Acting, participating in acting shows, commercial advertisements, and fashion shows. Her involvement in community-driven initiatives, such as Wipe Out Drug Abuse (WODA) and Black Essence, demonstrated her commitment to addressing social issues through her craft. She even took on the lead role in an original play, “When Your Sons Don’t Come Home And Why Me.”

Dr. Meleeka’s commitment extended beyond the stage, as she appeared on TV shows, contributing her voice to dialogue and public service announcements against teenage pregnancy. Her acting career blossomed further when she appeared in productions like “Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets” and popular TV shows like “Greenleaf,” “Nashville,” and “The Resident.”

In 2021, Dr. Meleeka Clary ventured into the director’s chair, marking her directorial debut with “Three Corners of Deception.” This compelling film is based on her personal experience of a divorce and custody battle, a deeply personal and poignant project that showcases her storytelling prowess.

Acclaim and Awards

Dr. Meleeka Clary’s creative endeavors have garnered recognition and acclaim, notably for “Three Corners of Deception.” Her achievements include:

  • Best Human Rights Director at the Toronto International Women Film Festival.
  • Best Female Director at the Toronto International Women Film Festival.
  • Best Female Director at the San Francisco Indie Short Festival.
  • Best Actress at the Festival Award at Global Film Festival LA.
  • Director honors at the Red River Film Festival.

Moreover, “Three Corners of Deception” was screened at esteemed film festivals such as the Berlin International Art Film Festival, where it received acclaim. It was also recognized as the Best Feature Film at the Paris International Women Festival, the Festival Award at the Medusa Film Festival, the Indian Indie Award, and the Festival Award at Global Film Festival LA.

Dr. Meleeka Clary’s remarkable journey in both psychology and the world of entertainment is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft and her commitment to addressing important social issues through her work.

Join us in celebrating the diverse talents and profound impact of Dr. Meleeka Clary, a true luminary in her fields of expertise.



Three Corners of Deception

“Three Corners of Deception” is a story about how a college law professor and an attorney fell in love over a Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend. They got married shortly thereafter, then started a family only to realize he wasn’t the man he said he was and a complete manipulation of the relationship occurred. The marriage ended hastily after a year, only to be carried out in a court of law that brought even more deception than what was originally thought. Eventually the court would rule against the mother in all areas due to judicial deception with judges, lawyers, and lawmen involved. They were part of the “good ol’ boy network.





Aurora Borealis Entertainment, Inc.

At Aurora Entertainment, our mission is to craft exceptional and captivating content spanning across TV, Film, Music, and Fashion, for the entertainment industry. We engage audiences through diverse platforms such as broadcast, print, and social media.

Aurora Entertainment is a visionary collaboration, where talented individuals, each with a track record of remarkable achievements, have come together to push the boundaries of excellence even further. Our founders, Daniel L. Smith and Gudni Gudnason, bring to the table a collective experience of over 80 years. This wealth of expertise is now at the service of our clients, ensuring that we consistently deliver content that’s extraordinary and unforgettable.





Aiden Beni

“I believes that everything is possible, and if you love what you do, you will be great at it”. From a fashion student to a fashion professor, to a fashion designer Aidan graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2019. He is an artist and fashion designer who is inspired by many things around him as he designs and creates his vision. He has been inspired by fabrics, colors and even stories to begin a new design and bring it to life. Color choice is very important to him during the creative process as it usually reflects the idea and story behind the design itself. Going from sketching to fitting, fashioning fabric and adjusting a final look with small touches that only a designer’s eyes can grace to notice. His interests outside of fashion design include traveling, art, painting, drawing and music. Fashion has allowed Aidan to build and expand on his design thinking to let him not only find solutions in fashion but anything related to design and aesthetic.

” It changed my life to better understand why people wear what they wear, and how it changes over time.”



Ghazi Ashkar

Dr. Ghazi Ashkar is a multifaceted entrepreneur and visionary, with a diverse portfolio of successful ventures. As the owner of five thriving restaurants and two cutting-edge fashion stores, he has carved a niche for himself in the culinary and fashion industries. Alongside these accomplishments, he stands as the proud owner of Crave Vape, a revolutionary enterprise that offers a solution for those seeking to quit smoking, earning widespread recognition as the best way to break free from the habit.

Beyond his accomplishments in the restaurant, fashion, and vaping industries, Dr. Ghazi is also an astute investor in real estate, demonstrating an ability to identify lucrative opportunities in this competitive market.

Today, the spotlight shines on Dr. Ghazi Ashkar for his latest achievement as the manufacturer of Vape, a testament to his dedication to helping others improve their lives and health. By pioneering advancements in vaping technology, he has played a vital role in providing a safer alternative for smokers worldwide.

But his contributions don’t stop there. Dr. Ghazi is not only a successful entrepreneur and innovator but also a benevolent soul with a passion for supporting emerging talent. As the generous sponsor of the talented young singer, Zeina Rajoub, he is nurturing and empowering the next generation of artists, fostering a brighter future for the music industry.

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Ghazi Ashkar, a true embodiment of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and innovation. His remarkable journey is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and visionaries alike, reminding us all that with determination and compassion, anything is possible.









MyDream Entertainment
Rashmi BediFashion Designer 

Rashmi Bedi is a New York Highest Women Empowerment Award Winner. She was awarded by RUTH A DAVIS, Retired US Ambassador and Sushmita Sen – Former Miss Universe. Rashmi Bedi also received the Women Icon of the Year award from Lara Dutta – Former Miss Universe and the PRIDE OF INDIA 2023 AWARD in WASHINGTON DC.

She is the Founder of MyDream Entertainment, Mydream TV USA, Mydream Global Foundation – a Non-profit organization, Miss Bharat USA, Miss South Asia World, Mydream Miss India, and Mydream Asia World (Virtual Edition).
She is owner of the biggest and most popular Indian pageant in USA and Canada.

She is also a Certified Vastu Shastra Consultant. She has been inspiring women all over the world by overcoming cultural norms and helping fulfill everyone’s dreams. She stays strong accompanied by her husband Janak Bedi. They both have a dream to fulfill everyone’s dreams across the USA thus starting MyDream TV USA and Mydream Entertainment.

She is inspiring, terrifically talented, and has a last name that always spells success, from being a mom of 2 to being a CEO of a multinational event company and the biggest and most popular Indian pageant in USA and Canada. She has truly come a long way with her Non-profit Organization MyDream global working fiercely towards women empowerment, Breast Cancer awareness, education, and autism awareness. She has transformed so many lives along the way.

Mydream Entertainment LLC has been founded to provide the best entertainment to our community. Her goal is to come up with creative & new ideas for every event and hence, help add beautiful & cheerful memories for anyone & everyone attending her events.

Louisa Voisine MillineryAward Recipient 

Louisa Voisine awarded at Luxury Gala 2023, screening the Oscars at the Universal Hilton as: ” Women of the Year”

Louisa Voisine is a highly acclaimed milliner and founder of the Louisa Voisine Chapeau Court, a fashion house dedicated to the art of hat-making. She is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading Ladies Hat Designers and has garnered a reputation for her exquisite and elegant creations.

Louisa’s journey to becoming a milliner began after studying business and fashion design in Boston. She immediately started designing costumes for the television and film industry in Hollywood, and was soon appointed Director of Banana Republic’s Studio Services division. However, it was in Europe where her passion for hat-making was truly ignited.

As a student of Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Family milliners, Louisa developed a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in creating truly exceptional headwear. Her designs range from glamorous chapeaus to Downton Abbey-style cloche felts to feathery fascinators, and are highly sought after by fashion-conscious women across the globe.

Louisa’s exclusive designs have been featured at prestigious events such as the Emmy Awards, London Hat Week, and the British Royal Museums. She has also been a first-place winner at the Kentucky Derby and Del Mar opening day, as well as a regular fixture at the New Orleans’ famous French Quarter Easter Parade.

But Louisa’s impact extends beyond the world of high fashion. She has a deep commitment to philanthropy, and has partnered with numerous non-profit groups in Las Vegas to promote arts and education. Her generosity has benefited organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and PBS, with events being held at prestigious venues like Caesar’s Palace, the Four Seasons, and Paris, Las Vegas.

For Louisa, hat-making is more than just a profession – it’s a calling. Her designs not only accentuate a woman’s beauty, but also empower her to feel confident and fabulous. As she says, “There’s a hat for every lady“, and Louisa is committed to creating exceptional headwear that reflects the unique style and personality of each of her clients.


Virgelia Productions

Virgelia Productions Inc.
Event Planners and Event Producers

Virgelia Productions, Inc. is a certified minority and woman owned corporation.

As event producers, Virgelia Productions Inc. is the producer and owner of the Federal Trademarks of the Miss Asia USA, Miss Teen Asia USA, Mrs. Asia USA, Miss Latina Global and Miss Teen Latina Global.

As event planners, Virgelia Productions, Inc. specializes in fundraisers, annual galas, fashion shows, pageants, corporate events and conferences. Committed to deliver memorable and successful events in the highest integrity and professionalism that will continue to exceed our clients, sponsors and audience expectations.

An award recipient of the Asian American Entrepreneur of the Year” Virgelia Productions Inc. is dedicated to contributing back to the community and supporting many of the non-profit organizations.

Toll Free:





Chatterjee Production

Rupak Chatterjee

Business Leader, Entrepreneur

Rupak Chatterjee founded and built a very strong consulting company Chatterjee Solutions, through consulting techniques, keen business initiatives and
aggressive business tactics. In the process he has become a very strong business personality in Southern California.
Coming from an Engineering background with First Class 3rd Position in batch, Rupak has devoted much of his time and energy to various consulting activities for over 16 years serving some of the biggest clients in the industry like British Petroleum, Coach, Panasonic, Life Technologies, MGP Ingredients, Danisco, SAP America etc. to name a few. He gathered certification on various platforms like Java, Oracle, SAP, PMP and achieved recognition from:


1) City Council Senate in Cypress as the “Best Community Helper”
2) Indian Govt in the British Parliament UK as the “NRI Of The Year – 2018 “and slated to receive
3) “Hind Rattan Award – 2019 “in the month of January,2019 in Bangalore, India.

Rupak has engaged himself with various social organizations in USA and India namely Dakshini, Anubhuti, Bharat Sebashram Sangha, etc.
Rupak also founded Chatterjee Productions where he is currently serving as a producer for a Bengali movie with English subtitles and the film was shot in USA and is scheduled to be released early 2019.He has also made a short film called “The Seashore” in India.


 KIKI WANG FashionFashion Show Sponsor 2023 

KIKI WANG grew up in China with a dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. Without any formal instructions, she designed and sewed her first clothes for her baby doll when she was just six years old. Through her childhood, she became very talented at sketch art which gives her a lot of experience with design and color.
   After graduating from the top University in China with a degree in Finance, she became an Entrepreneur and soon moved to the USA for her MBA degree. After several years working as a Territory Manager for a multi-national corporation, She decided to pursue her dream and opened her own fashion company.
   Her designs have been worn by Movie Stars, Singers, News Anchors, Supermodels and successful Business Women and Entrepreneurs. From Cannes to Los Angeles, Beijing to New York, Movie Festivals, Supermodel Contests, Fashion Weeks and other major Fashion events all around the world have enjoyed her work.
   Besides being highly regarded by individual clients, she also is invited by different organizations as key partner/role in their collaborations, such as U.S ICN TV Station, Shenzhen Superstar Collection, Tangshan Film Institute. KIKI is also pointed as the chief designer for the show ‘ShiYunZhongHua,’ which tours globally.
    Known for her sharp, unexpected and yet classy designs, she insists all clothes have to be comfortable first. This is also where her brand, CSP, was conceptualized. C indicates Comfy, S indicates Sexy, P indicates Pretty.
   To ensure the brand quality, KIKI WANG likes to use natural and high-quality fabric for her designs. All of her clothes are made to stand out. That is also another crucial part of her designs, she wants to make runway clothes wearable and available for every person to feel like a celebrity in his or her life.
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