MyDream Entertainment
Rashmi BediFashion Designer 

Rashmi Bedi is a New York Highest Women Empowerment Award Winner. She was awarded by RUTH A DAVIS, Retired US Ambassador and Sushmita Sen – Former Miss Universe. Rashmi Bedi also received the Women Icon of the Year award from Lara Dutta – Former Miss Universe and the PRIDE OF INDIA 2023 AWARD in WASHINGTON DC.

She is the Founder of MyDream Entertainment, Mydream TV USA, Mydream Global Foundation – a Non-profit organization, Miss Bharat USA, Miss South Asia World, Mydream Miss India, and Mydream Asia World (Virtual Edition).
She is owner of the biggest and most popular Indian pageant in USA and Canada.

She is also a Certified Vastu Shastra Consultant. She has been inspiring women all over the world by overcoming cultural norms and helping fulfill everyone’s dreams. She stays strong accompanied by her husband Janak Bedi. They both have a dream to fulfill everyone’s dreams across the USA thus starting MyDream TV USA and Mydream Entertainment.

She is inspiring, terrifically talented, and has a last name that always spells success, from being a mom of 2 to being a CEO of a multinational event company and the biggest and most popular Indian pageant in USA and Canada. She has truly come a long way with her Non-profit Organization MyDream global working fiercely towards women empowerment, Breast Cancer awareness, education, and autism awareness. She has transformed so many lives along the way.

Mydream Entertainment LLC has been founded to provide the best entertainment to our community. Her goal is to come up with creative & new ideas for every event and hence, help add beautiful & cheerful memories for anyone & everyone attending her events.

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