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Lissa Mel was born and grew up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. At 10 years of age, she immigrated to Petah Tikva, Israel. She then spent more than ten years living in Tel Aviv. Her mother, a visual artist, taught Mel how to draw realistically when she was only 4 years old. By 8 years old, Mel painted on large canvases with acrylic paint. During her early life, she also practiced gymnastics and read a lot about science. Her high school studies focused on physics, chemistry, and biology. In college, she explored her creative gifts and majored in painting, sculpture, and cinema.

Her love of physical performance and science would later influence her art, an ongoing investigation of matter at a molecular level, where particles dance in a vast field of energy. โ€œIโ€™m interested in capturing the peak moment of performance,โ€ says Mel, โ€œThe physical perfor- mance mirrors the waves of matter at its vibrational state. A wave oscillates; when I express its peak, what happens before and after the peak is left to the imagination.โ€ The swirling of the atoms, or the dance between the feminine and masculine energies, is often depicted in Melโ€™s work. The human body is a vessel that both contains and performs the dance of the natural realm.

Mel currently resides in California’s Santa Monica. Using her abstract and figurative perceptions of this Universal Movement, she creates large paintings and sculptures that generate their own vibrancy and their own life force.

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