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Maya the ShamanSponsor 


Maya The Shaman is an innovative Shamanic Energy Healer of her original healing modalities: Infinite cosmic Records & Lemurian Code Healing. She is the Author of the book INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS: SACRED DOORWAYS TO HEALING & REMEMBERING and a collaborative author of Energy Healing & Soul Medicine (Bestseller), Pillars of Light, Awakening Starseeds series 1, 2, 3.


Maya, The Shaman, sees the ailing need of the West to be provided with Healing from the East to “Bridge” the ancient past to the current healing needs of humanity through the Art of “Remembering.” She’s the Founder of Lemurian Code Academy, where she teaches Lemurian Code Healing and Infinite Cosmic Records Healing programs as your Shaman guide.


Documentary Film “Cure,” Maya was featured along with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson, produced by Sharon Stone and directed by French Hollywood Director Emmanuel Itier. Similarly, ‘GUNS, BOMBS, and WAR: A Love Story,’ docu-film shows the obsession with war and violence as we question these dark and destructive projected realities in our World, claiming back PEACE towards a healthy future for humanity.


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Centropix Frequency Wellness TechnologiesSponsor 


Sabine Messner – Centropix Frequency Wellness Technologies


Sabine Messner is a visionary 5D Business Mentor, empowering awakening leaders to be in business with their sacred calling. As the founder of Soul Purpose Branding® and Soul Purpose Wealth™, Sabine helps her clients step into their divine purpose using cutting-edge marketing guidance, Soul Activations, and epigenetic Human Design and Gene Keys.


Sabine is thrilled to bring the pioneering Centropix frequency wellness technologies to her global communities so more people can thrive as entrepreneurial stewards of the New Earth – vibrationally and financially.


An award-winning Wired Magazine designer, Sabine blends 30+ years in arts, visual communication, and marketing with her extensive studies of quantum healing and indigenous energy modalities. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Visual Communication from the Berlin University of the Arts. Her latest book collaborations are Awakening Starseeds Vol. 3 – Dreaming Into The Future and Stop Overworking And Start Overflowing – 25 Ways To Transform Your Life Using Human Design.

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Radhaa Publishing HouseSponsor 

Radhaa Publishing House: Are you ready to amplify your voice and share your message? Radhaa Publishing House & PR can help! Radhaa Publishing House offers a range of services to help you make a lasting impact on any stage or platform. Our services include Collaborative book projects led by our Author Incubator program, designed to help you become a best-selling author and amplify your voice and visibility. Curated content such as interviews and press releases through our PR services to help you make a memorable impact and reach your ideal audience.

VIP PR Days to curate custom press releases and articles that showcase your unique story. Creative coaching and mentorship to help you develop your inner Genius and share your message with confidence. Support and guidance to take your manuscript from idea to publication, including writing and editing services, cover design, formatting, and more. With over a hundred best-selling authors through our Author Incubator program, we’re dedicated to helping aspiring authors achieve their dreams of becoming published authors before the right time or someday. And for the discerning author who wants to keep their royalties, we offer our Sovereign Author Program. The time is NOW; we are here to support you at any step of your journey. Whether you’re a celebrity, up-and-coming artist, entrepreneur, or thought leader, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your dreams. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more and book a free consultation. Let us help you make a memorable impact and share your message with the World. Please email us at to set up your complimentary call.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey to success and helping you share your brilliance with the World!

Radhaa Nilia BIO: Radhaa is a Goddess Activator and Publishing Priestess. She supports writers in birthing their stories and becoming bestselling authors in collaborative books. Through her work at Radhaa Publishing House, she holds sacred writing containers. Radhaa has a knack for activating people’s inner Genius. Radhaa launched multiple best-selling books and provides ongoing support for authors in visibility, publicity, and book signings. Radhaa is a seeker, advocate for diverse voices, and lifelong teacher of the Goddess Archetypes, offering transformation and embodiment through her programs at Goddess Code Academy. She is also dedicated to supporting abused women in healing and empowerment programs through Women Who Write. Join Radhaa in her authorship program, heal your Heart and Soul wounds in a private Coaching Program, or learn to be a holistic practitioner at Goddess Code Academy.


Lissa MelArtist Sponsor 

Lissa Mel was born and grew up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. At 10 years of age, she immigrated to Petah Tikva, Israel. She then spent more than ten years living in Tel Aviv. Her mother, a visual artist, taught Mel how to draw realistically when she was only 4 years old. By 8 years old, Mel painted on large canvases with acrylic paint. During her early life, she also practiced gymnastics and read a lot about science. Her high school studies focused on physics, chemistry, and biology. In college, she explored her creative gifts and majored in painting, sculpture, and cinema.

Her love of physical performance and science would later influence her art, an ongoing investigation of matter at a molecular level, where particles dance in a vast field of energy. “I’m interested in capturing the peak moment of performance,” says Mel, “The physical perfor- mance mirrors the waves of matter at its vibrational state. A wave oscillates; when I express its peak, what happens before and after the peak is left to the imagination.” The swirling of the atoms, or the dance between the feminine and masculine energies, is often depicted in Mel’s work. The human body is a vessel that both contains and performs the dance of the natural realm.

Mel currently resides in California’s Santa Monica. Using her abstract and figurative perceptions of this Universal Movement, she creates large paintings and sculptures that generate their own vibrancy and their own life force.

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Lissa Mel
+1 (323) 456-6931

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Jewelry crafted for Self-ExpressionVendor Sponsor 

Fine Jewelry crafted for Self-Expression. Everything Certified, Customizable, and Ethically-Sourced. Shop In-Store,, and
About us
We are a small business based in Los Angeles, California. We control all aspects of the manufacturing process, from the production of polished natural diamonds to handcrafting of fine jewelry, to save cost with the intention of passing the savings onto our customers. In essence, your jewelry is handcrafted with the same top materials and quality craftsmanship as other luxury jewelry brands but without the traditional markups.

Prominent One RealtySponsor 

We are a husband-and-wife team with over 48 years combined experience in the industry. We are Business Owners of our Real Estate company Prominent One Realty, our Mortgage company Prominent 1 Financial Group, Inc. and our Escrow Division Superior 1 Escrow. We have been honored with several Top Producer Awards throughout our career. We love what we do and that’s helping families achieve their homeownership goal and help them save thousands of dollars when they Sell and Buy a home with us! If a borrower doesn’t qualify now, we don’t dismiss them, we help guide them in the right direction with our full service, credit simulators and rapid rescore program. We never say No, but we always say Yes, it can be done! The best satisfaction we get is seeing the smiles and gratitude that comes with every closed transaction and making the homeownership dream a reality one family at a time! Call us today to get started on the process! We’re a One Stop Shop! We’re the team that takes action and delivers results!


Fernando “Fernie” Torres
CEO / Realtor
(909) 325-9302 Cell
DRE #01520838
Sí, Hablamos Español.
Bernadine “Bernie” Torres
Broker Owner / Sr. Loan Officer
(909) 568-5805 Cell
DRE #01337559
NMLS #242990




Fashion Designer
Rosy AhluwaliaFashion Designer Sponsor 




Rosy Ahluwalia is a veteran Fashion Designer and Founder of Dikha Khadi and is known for her classic work in the Fashion Industry and also, in designing for Bollywood. Fashion was ingrained in her head since childhood. She always dreamt big and wanted to reach the summit with her design collection. She was a Connoisseur and began with her
collection under the name of “Rosy’s Archade” almost 20 years ago. It was her passion to introduce her collection far and wide and specially believed in promoting original Indian Khadi fabric globally. She was the first person
from India to introduce her collection in taking #DikhaKhadigloballyKhadi is a national pride and this initiative by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ’s message to be self-reliant in promoting
“Make in India” products like Khadi, Rosy Ahluwalia has made it her personal journey in promoting Khadi worldwide as a proud Indian. Khadi is Indian Textile Heritage and Khadi
is not only a textile but a fashionable movement. As a Fashion Designer, it has been her endeavor in curetting a platform for
eminent and aspiring next generation designers. In fact,
Khadi played a very important role during our Freedom
movement. So, she feels Khadi movement is a novel concept
in promoting sustainable fashion in India and worldwide. Rosy Ahluwalia has a great taste about colors and natures
beauty that God has created, the tones and colors of owners
and the seven rainbow colors exactly as that of the seven
notes of music. So just like the melody of a song and in
harmony, she ensures that all her costumes also have the
same harmony of colors makes it alive. She has presented her designs in India as well as the
international platform. She has shown her talent and creative
work on the platform of various shows such as IIFD
Show, Malaysia Royal Show, Mercedes Fashion Week
, Ludhiana Fashion Week, India Fashion Week, Dubai to namet is not as simple as it seems, as it involves choosing the
right type of layouts and furnishings, the right choice of
shades, style of furniture and apt arrangement of objects
and so she basically decorates the space. It is the art and
science of making an external and internal space more
attractive and functional for its inhabitants and she ensures
each room of the home that needs a particular detailing.
a few. She is the name to reckon in the Fashion Industry. She
is also a Bollywood Costume Designer and fashion
connoisseur and was fortunate in creating history by
reaching out to the world with her unique designing
sensibilities and innovative fashion techniques. Her design
costumes were used in many Bollywood movies, videos, and
appeared in many TV Channels like MTV, ZEE, AAJTAK,
INDIA NEWS and many more. Her work on KHADI collection
has been acknowledged in taking it to another level.She has been the flag bearer in the Khadi revolution with her
innovative concept of Khadi in bridal couture. Khadi being a
pure organic fabric, it is easy to put all creative and
innovative design ideas with hand embroidery, Zari work,
color tones that make Khadi as a classy and charismatic
expression occupying a centralized position as glamorous
and sophisticated in the Bridal Couture collection and
lehengas. Khadi offers a unique blend of Indian sensibilities,
cultural richness and glamorous simplicity. She ensured in
redening the meaning of fashion by fusing the values of
culture and tradition with that of a modern outlook in the
subtlest of manners. Rosy Ahluwalia specializes in Fusing Khadi fashion with
interiors that allow her to make the house to become a
home, when it is beautifully amalgamated with her thoughts
and designs. The house itself speaks for who you are as a
person when each room exudes a unique personality. Most
people tend to neglect home décor and her endeavor is to
make a little home makeover that would bring inner peace,
love and happiness creating a huge difference in our lives. It is not as simple as it seems, as it involves choosing the
right type of layouts and furnishings, the right choice of
shades, style of furniture and apt arrangement of objects
and so she basically decorates the space. It is the art and
science of making an external and internal space more
attractive and functional for its inhabitants and she ensures
each room of the home that needs a particular detailing. She has been an inspiration for the revolutionary bridal
design in fashion and accessories like she did with Voylla
Jeweler. They have been her great supporters and most of
their jeweler accessories were designed from her collections
in her shows and campaigns, both in Bridal design
collection where all the accessories would be designed from
these bridal costumes. There has been lots of Bridal photo
shoots with her collection and working on such shoots has to

Red Oak Rustic
supplier of beautiful handmade American Flags & Home DecorExhibitor/Has Booth 

Red Oak Rustic is a premier supplier of beautiful handmade American Flags & Home Decor. We also specialize in regulation size cornhole boards and other custom woodwork, ranging from bartops to coffee tables to kitchen/dining and even conference tables. We are located in quaint Deptford, New Jersey about 10 miles east of Philadelphia. We are a small company run by Firefighters and Police Officers. Why shop with us? We take great pride in the quality of our products and each piece we create is handcrafted from start to finish with the customer in mind. It shows with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! You will either LOVE your product from us or your money back!

Want something custom you don’t see? Email us with your custom idea! We LOVE custom projects!

Virgelia Productions

Virgelia Productions Inc.
Event Planners and Event Producers

Virgelia Productions, Inc. is a certified minority and woman owned corporation.

As event producers, Virgelia Productions Inc. is the producer and owner of the Federal Trademarks of the Miss Asia USA, Miss Teen Asia USA, Mrs. Asia USA, Miss Latina Global and Miss Teen Latina Global.

As event planners, Virgelia Productions, Inc. specializes in fundraisers, annual galas, fashion shows, pageants, corporate events and conferences. Committed to deliver memorable and successful events in the highest integrity and professionalism that will continue to exceed our clients, sponsors and audience expectations.

An award recipient of the Asian American Entrepreneur of the Year” Virgelia Productions Inc. is dedicated to contributing back to the community and supporting many of the non-profit organizations.

Toll Free: