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Elegance Unveiled: Mazmuzh, Where Artistry Meets Couture.

Introducing Sandra Orozco: Maestro of Elegance and Owner of Mazmuzh

Start on a journey into the realm of haute couture as Luxury Gala 2024 proudly presents the extraordinary Sandra Orozco, the brilliant mind and skilled hands behind Mazmuzh, a beacon of innovation in the world of fashion.

 The Maestro Herself: Sandra Orozco stands as an icon of creativity, renowned for her visionary approach to fashion design. With an innate ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde concepts, she has carved a niche for herself in the industry.

 Mazmuzh: Where Art Meets Couture: As the owner of Mazmuzh, Sandra has curated a brand that transcends mere clothing; it is a celebration of wearable art. Each piece tells a story, weaving together elements of culture, sophistication, and a touch of the avant-garde.

A Symphony of Styles: Sandra Orozco’s designs reflect a harmonious blend of diverse influences, from classic elegance to contemporary flair. Her creations resonate with those who appreciate the intricate dance between tradition and innovation, making Mazmuzh a symbol of refined aesthetics.

 Luxury Gala 2024 Showcase: Luxury Gala 2024 is privileged to host Sandra Orozco and her mesmerizing creations on our illustrious runway. Join us as Mazmuzh takes center stage, captivating the audience with a symphony of fabrics, textures, and designs that redefine the boundaries of fashion.

 Elevating Fashion to Art: Sandra’s participation in Luxury Gala 2024 adds a touch of sophistication to our event, transforming it into a canvas where fashion becomes art. Her showcase promises to be a highlight of the evening, embodying the opulence and elegance that define Luxury Gala.

 Witness the Unveiling: Be prepared to witness the unveiling of Mazmuzh’s latest collection at Luxury Gala 2024. Sandra Orozco invites you to indulge in an experience where every step on the runway is a brushstroke, and every garment is a masterpiece.

Join us as we celebrate the union of art and fashion with Sandra Orozco, a true luminary in the world of haute couture.

Luxury Gala 2024: Where Elegance Takes Center Stage.

EIKO’s WorldFashion Sponsor 2024 

Within every woman resides a noble goddess;

this isn’t a philosophical creed or an ideology but an unequivocal truth. This essence defies mere ‘femininity’ – she is a dignified, proud, and sacred entity, invulnerable to any intrusion. This is the authentic nature of women.

I speak of this with conviction because I have personally encountered the goddess within myself. It happened over a decade ago while I was delving into the concept of ‘true womanhood’ at a contemporary metaphysical school. One particular exercise involved gazing into a mirror, repeating, ‘I am a goddess, I am a goddess…’ That’s all there was to it.

Initially, I dismissed it as a jest, but suddenly, an overwhelming sense of sanctity surged from within me, and tears welled up uncontrollably. I couldn’t explain why; the tears just flowed.

It was as though I had been struck by the undeniable truth that I was, indeed, a goddess. I’ve never experienced such a sensation before or since. It was profoundly mystical, as if it emanated from the very depths of my soul.

Women are goddesses.’ ‘I am a goddess.

Since that moment, this truth has bolstered my unwavering self-worth. Whenever self-doubt threatened to creep in, reaffirming that I would live as a noble goddess infused me with courage. I began to aspire to awaken the goddess within every woman.

This is the genesis of EIKO’s World.


Women possess a myriad of exquisite qualities – from flexibility and compassion to the ability to accept, nurture, and embody mystery, romance, sensuality, and elegance.

The way these qualities manifest is as unique as each individual. It’s dignified, filled with compassion, and exudes glamour. When someone dons a piece from EIKO’s World, it’s akin to witnessing the birth of their own goddess, a moment filled with boundless joy. It’s brimming with elegance, an intrinsic beauty that only that person can convey. It’s in these moments that the truth becomes evident: women are genuinely goddesses.

Goddesses live life in a manner befitting their divine essence.

Never compromise your worth, regardless of the circumstances. Always conduct yourself with grace and beauty. Unapologetically express your inner goddess.

Do it first and foremost for yourself, not for anyone else.

Surprisingly, this often yields more efficient results than striving too hard. The more you embrace your inner goddess, the more likely you are to attract someone who cherishes you. As women return to their authentic selves, men, too, transform into noble knights.

…Have you discovered the goddess within you yet?

May the world be graced by the presence of all the beautiful goddesses it holds. That is my sincere wish.


Just as I want to bring out the goddess that lies within every woman,
I want to praise the knight within every man.

That is the passion of EIKO’s World.

Proud, confident, strong, kind and pure.

This image, as spoken of in European chivalry, is the image of God that all men possess. Therefore, we would like to provide you with an attire suitable for such a dignified knight.

Throughout history, kings, aristocrats, and successful people pursued beautiful attire that sometimes surpassed that of women. When you present yourself as confident, you express your power, which in turn leads to admiration and charisma.

Your daily attire is an expression of who you are. It’s not like I’m trying to be someone else, trying to be someone else, trying to be fashionable and looking perfect. Being a knight, a dandy, and a gentleman means knowing your own charms and having your own preferences no matter what genre you are in. I also feel that those who have the luxury of being particular about their own attire are the ones who find wealth and success in life.

When actually tailoring men’s jackets and suits, we often find that even the slightest difference in detail can make a big difference in the impression.
The world of depth and attention to detail, which is different from that of women, is like getting to know the charm of men themselves, and the process from design to tailoring is always very exciting.

The sense of humor that was used in the design is the same as the sense of humor of the person.

Tailoring that fits your body line gives you power and dignity.
The carefully selected fabrics exude dignity and sex appeal.

Each step is a process of bringing out the “manly charm” of our customers.
In order to make women’s hearts flutter, I hope that you will continue to express yourself as a knight.

When men awaken as knights and pursue dandyism,
women can also awaken as true women and goddesses.
And by being needed by women as goddesses,
men become more like knights.

Praising yourself will lead to respect for the other person, and
will surely create a wonderful relationship between men and women.

I look forward to meeting all of you lovely gentlemen.

Aiden Beni

“I believes that everything is possible, and if you love what you do, you will be great at it”. From a fashion student to a fashion professor, to a fashion designer Aidan graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2019. He is an artist and fashion designer who is inspired by many things around him as he designs and creates his vision. He has been inspired by fabrics, colors and even stories to begin a new design and bring it to life. Color choice is very important to him during the creative process as it usually reflects the idea and story behind the design itself. Going from sketching to fitting, fashioning fabric and adjusting a final look with small touches that only a designer’s eyes can grace to notice. His interests outside of fashion design include traveling, art, painting, drawing and music. Fashion has allowed Aidan to build and expand on his design thinking to let him not only find solutions in fashion but anything related to design and aesthetic.

” It changed my life to better understand why people wear what they wear, and how it changes over time.”




Swatzell + Heilig
Hand BagsSponsor 

Mothers and daughters have a special bond, and this mother-daughter duo loves, loves, loves handbags. They have a shared passion for the best in style, function, and fun. Also, they share entrepreneurial DNA and have each managed a successful business. So, when the idea came up to merge their passion with their business skills, this woman-owned business was on a mission to elevate style for all women.

In striving for perfection, Swatzell+Heilig researched and developed with industry experts in the USA for two years before bringing their first handbag design to market. Now four years later S+H has designed multiple products utilizing Italian leather and straw materials through ethically sourced international partners.




MyDream Entertainment
Rashmi BediFashion Designer 

Rashmi Bedi is a New York Highest Women Empowerment Award Winner. She was awarded by RUTH A DAVIS, Retired US Ambassador and Sushmita Sen – Former Miss Universe. Rashmi Bedi also received the Women Icon of the Year award from Lara Dutta – Former Miss Universe and the PRIDE OF INDIA 2023 AWARD in WASHINGTON DC.

She is the Founder of MyDream Entertainment, Mydream TV USA, Mydream Global Foundation – a Non-profit organization, Miss Bharat USA, Miss South Asia World, Mydream Miss India, and Mydream Asia World (Virtual Edition).
She is owner of the biggest and most popular Indian pageant in USA and Canada.

She is also a Certified Vastu Shastra Consultant. She has been inspiring women all over the world by overcoming cultural norms and helping fulfill everyone’s dreams. She stays strong accompanied by her husband Janak Bedi. They both have a dream to fulfill everyone’s dreams across the USA thus starting MyDream TV USA and Mydream Entertainment.

She is inspiring, terrifically talented, and has a last name that always spells success, from being a mom of 2 to being a CEO of a multinational event company and the biggest and most popular Indian pageant in USA and Canada. She has truly come a long way with her Non-profit Organization MyDream global working fiercely towards women empowerment, Breast Cancer awareness, education, and autism awareness. She has transformed so many lives along the way.

Mydream Entertainment LLC has been founded to provide the best entertainment to our community. Her goal is to come up with creative & new ideas for every event and hence, help add beautiful & cheerful memories for anyone & everyone attending her events.

Louisa Voisine MillineryAward Recipient 

Louisa Voisine awarded at Luxury Gala 2023, screening the Oscars at the Universal Hilton as: ” Women of the Year”

Louisa Voisine is a highly acclaimed milliner and founder of the Louisa Voisine Chapeau Court, a fashion house dedicated to the art of hat-making. She is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading Ladies Hat Designers and has garnered a reputation for her exquisite and elegant creations.

Louisa’s journey to becoming a milliner began after studying business and fashion design in Boston. She immediately started designing costumes for the television and film industry in Hollywood, and was soon appointed Director of Banana Republic’s Studio Services division. However, it was in Europe where her passion for hat-making was truly ignited.

As a student of Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Family milliners, Louisa developed a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in creating truly exceptional headwear. Her designs range from glamorous chapeaus to Downton Abbey-style cloche felts to feathery fascinators, and are highly sought after by fashion-conscious women across the globe.

Louisa’s exclusive designs have been featured at prestigious events such as the Emmy Awards, London Hat Week, and the British Royal Museums. She has also been a first-place winner at the Kentucky Derby and Del Mar opening day, as well as a regular fixture at the New Orleans’ famous French Quarter Easter Parade.

But Louisa’s impact extends beyond the world of high fashion. She has a deep commitment to philanthropy, and has partnered with numerous non-profit groups in Las Vegas to promote arts and education. Her generosity has benefited organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and PBS, with events being held at prestigious venues like Caesar’s Palace, the Four Seasons, and Paris, Las Vegas.

For Louisa, hat-making is more than just a profession – it’s a calling. Her designs not only accentuate a woman’s beauty, but also empower her to feel confident and fabulous. As she says, “There’s a hat for every lady“, and Louisa is committed to creating exceptional headwear that reflects the unique style and personality of each of her clients.