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Nancy Vuu

“Philanthropy through Fashion”

Nancy Vuu is a bold and courageous dreamer without limits. As the designer & creative director, she also serves as the Ambassador and USA Deputy Director for the British Chinese Youth Federation. She leverages her fashion platform to empower good through philanthropic events domestic and internationally.

Nancy Vuu Couture designs have received recognition as a result of the exposure gained from her efforts to house displaced children, develop Love Sanctuaries where children thrive as she prepares for the end of human trafficking.

The charitable events hosted around the globe created an appreciation for the designers work and elevated overwhelming demand for Nancy Vuu Couture and Ready-to-Wear luxury fashion in the U.S., China, U.K., Middle East and European markets.

The distinction of Nancy Vuu brand is her passion to give her all for the common good. Through the design of exquisite garments using only the finest quality fabrics;  to the construction and detailing of each piece garment.  Her passion and dedication to humanity are evident as the pieces come alive exhibiting excellence, promoting honor and proclaiming new hope.

This unapologetic woman of Faith has the presence of an Angel and the heart of a warrior. She will accomplish all that she has been purposed to do in service to others.

The Couture and luxury ready-to-wear designs for family; women, children, and men are sold exclusively through private showings and Nancy Vuu Atelier in California coming soon to London & China.

Contact Information

Nancy Vuu, Inc

Silicon Valley U.S.


5692 Stewart Ave

Fremont, CA 94538



CA Jewelry Africa

CAJ Africa

Organic Soaps & Butters, Jewelry and Handicrafts in California

I am inspired by the beauty of Africa, the continent, the people and all the natural beauty it holds! – Ulondra


BUSINESS INFO Launched in 2008

Mission :CA Jewelry & African Imports promote and honor fair trade practices. We strive to elevate the unique beauty of handmade African Jewelry.



About “Art You Can Wear”

Company Overview CAJ Africa distributes handmade, handcrafted jewelry from South Africa,Ghana, Kenya and other African countries.We offer unique necklaces, bracelets and ear. Products Handmade,fair trade,earth friendly, African jewelry. “Art you can wear.” categories Local Business STORY “One village at a time.” CAJ Africa supports children in the Village of Nyariga located in the Northern region of Ghana and Purpose Orphanage and School in Entebbe, Uganda. CAJ Africa provide children in local villages with clothing and school supplies. Since our inception in 2008, CAJ Africa has engaged in fair trade practices that support education and enable community.

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GK Le Fashion

Every thread has a story, and I weave these stories from all over the world into my designs. I hope that when brought together, the combined voices of my fabric help you to write your own. GK designs are made with the natural fabrics from all over the world to bring you the best in comfort and fashion.

All of my designs are handmade, custom clothes so they should be handled with care. Each item may vary different in terms of prints used, as we believe each garment should be unique and have its own personality. If desired, we can customize each outfit to fit your shape and size, making each product a fully unique piece that fits you perfectly, both in size and personality. If you have any questions about measurements, sizing, or any other concerns, you can send us an email and we get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you
GK Le fashion

Experience the comfort and luxury of natural fabric cut by skilled hands at Giti Kooshkani’s Fashion House. Giti Kooshkani is a California based fashion designer. She uses couture techniques and styles to represent a fresh and unique luxury collection. Workmanship, attention to detail, and uncompromising quality are her signature. Each of her designs has its own unique beauty and makes its own individual, powerful statement. She believes women deserve to be beautiful and stylish without having to sacrifice comfort. All her designs are made in the USA. She can customize each outfit to fit your size and personality. 

For any questions go to her website @

Instagram @ Giti kooshkani 

Facebook: Giti kooshkani


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