Louisa Voisine MillineryAward Recipient 

Louisa Voisine awarded at Luxury Gala 2023, screening the Oscars at the Universal Hilton as: ” Women of the Year”

Louisa Voisine is a highly acclaimed milliner and founder of the Louisa Voisine Chapeau Court, a fashion house dedicated to the art of hat-making. She is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading Ladies Hat Designers and has garnered a reputation for her exquisite and elegant creations.

Louisa’s journey to becoming a milliner began after studying business and fashion design in Boston. She immediately started designing costumes for the television and film industry in Hollywood, and was soon appointed Director of Banana Republic’s Studio Services division. However, it was in Europe where her passion for hat-making was truly ignited.

As a student of Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Family milliners, Louisa developed a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in creating truly exceptional headwear. Her designs range from glamorous chapeaus to Downton Abbey-style cloche felts to feathery fascinators, and are highly sought after by fashion-conscious women across the globe.

Louisa’s exclusive designs have been featured at prestigious events such as the Emmy Awards, London Hat Week, and the British Royal Museums. She has also been a first-place winner at the Kentucky Derby and Del Mar opening day, as well as a regular fixture at the New Orleans’ famous French Quarter Easter Parade.

But Louisa’s impact extends beyond the world of high fashion. She has a deep commitment to philanthropy, and has partnered with numerous non-profit groups in Las Vegas to promote arts and education. Her generosity has benefited organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and PBS, with events being held at prestigious venues like Caesar’s Palace, the Four Seasons, and Paris, Las Vegas.

For Louisa, hat-making is more than just a profession – it’s a calling. Her designs not only accentuate a woman’s beauty, but also empower her to feel confident and fabulous. As she says, “There’s a hat for every lady“, and Louisa is committed to creating exceptional headwear that reflects the unique style and personality of each of her clients.




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