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Dynamic. Captivating. Transcendent.

These are words critics and music lovers around the world use to describe the first Iranian Grammy Award-winning composer, producer and santoor artist, Hamid Saeidi. His compositions coalesce classical Persian themes with contemporary, tour de force instrumentation to create truly unique, truly magical experiences. along with Lili Hayden, MB Gordy, and Itai Disraeli, Hamid co­-founded Opium Moon, a sensual and groovy collaboration of master musicians. Opium Moon’s self-titled album won the GRAMMY award for the best “New Age Album” at the 61st Annual GRAMMY awards. Opium Moon’s second album, Night & Day, got nominated for the 64th Grammy award for best “New Age Album” in 2021.

Grammy Winning Composer, Producer, Santoor artist / C Minor Production LLC
Mobile: +1 (888) 491-1666

Sir Earl Toon

Whether you grew up with your daddy’s tunes from Kool & the Gang or discovered the soul-soothing sounds of hits like “Celebration” and “Ladies Night” through timeless classics, there’s no denying the irresistible charm of Sir Earl Toon’s music. With numerous Billboard Top 40 hits and a Grammy nomination under his belt, his music transcends generations and continues to resonate with fans worldwide.

From globe-trotting tours to honing his craft, Sir Earl Toon remains dedicated to delivering nothing but the best to his loyal fanbase. With a passion for entertaining and a commitment to keeping the beat alive, he promises an unforgettable experience for both ears and soul. So why hit pause on the music when the rhythm never stops? Keep grooving with Sir Earl Toon and let the melodies carry you to new heights!