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Sherine Zaza 
Personal Development Leader and Coach through songTalent Sponsor 


Being underestimated is my super power

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself “

Sherine Zaza is a Personal Development Leader and Coach through song, events and retreats. She is Co founder of DFW, Diversity Fashion World where culture and inclusion through fashion and education is their purpose. Her main mantra is to fully Accept yourself.  She is a transformational coach breaking barriers and limiting beliefs aiding hundreds in achieve their greatness. “ Who stops us is ourselves, who can free us is only ourselves”Sherine is also an award winning philanthropist wining various awards in Woman leadership and Congressional awards for her work in Charity and Diversity. Her most coveted work is with The Lighthouse Organization a non profit for human rights and abuse. As regional Vice President she hopes to remind women of their purpose and value. She co wrote a powerful song Invisible Queen and is performing in events and retreats to remind women to believe, thrive and inspire each other.  She won the tittle of Mrs.Global Ambassador 2022 with Vergila Productions where she traveled across the world to aid Syrian refugees as she is a proud Syrian American. Sherine is Breaking records winning the tittle as a curvey mature woman defying the odds and breaking the glass ceiling of the norms. Sherine Says being born of different cultures has opened her eyes to the importance of unity and global acceptance. A life of service is where she wants to be.
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Hengameh Barzin

Hengameh was born in Lahijaan, Iran. Ever since childhood, she had a great passion for singing. Hengameh’s father was first to detect this passion. The never ending love and support of her father, a professional Ney and flute player, further motivated and encouraged her to take music lessons with some of the masters of Persian classical music.

Throughout her school years, Hengameh participated in numerous local and regional talent contests and always managed to come first amongst her peers. Hengameh never stopped thinking about her life long dream of becoming a singer. Hengameh eventually realized that she had no choice but to leave her homeland and migrate abroad if she was ever to pursue her dream.


Her debut album, “Baraye Didane Tou” was the result of a five year effort, which was cherished by millions across the world. This intense interest and loyal fan support paved the way for the release of a second album, “Artesh-e Solh”. Since then, Hengameh has released numerous singles and has achieved the pinnacle of her fame. Her contributions to Iranian music and her one-of-a-kind voice has made her a prominent figure in the Iranian music industry.