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My goal is to get into the fashion show taking place in NYC, get my own custom made gown for the beauty pageant, and have Vila Beauty Resources get to worldwide shopping. My favorite song is Billionaire by Bruno Mars because I want to earn enough money to help give back to my country, especially to unfortunate kids residing in orphanages and the elderly. Every time I hear the song it gives me more motivation and strength. I love a variety of foods from countries in Asia such as Thailand. Japan, Cambodia, and many more. My habit is to taste and try many different varieties of food from various countries. My daily activities are running, walking, and Zumba. My workday starts from 5 am until 9 pm every day as a financial advisor. I offer free financial advice to low-income families, provide free education on how to manage monthly appliance bills, and to earn extra income. The current world situation for me is people need to be cleaner and educated about waste, especially in plastic issues and climate change. Furthermore saving more and planting more organic foods. If I had a chance to do one more thing I will do my best to end starvation and homelessness. We live in a world of people who are always wasting, but many others are unfortunate, living without enough to survive. Where I live, entrepreneurs and small businesses have the chance to thrive and are able to help the locals put food on the table if possible. Iโ€™ve started to feed the homeless every month because I feel theyโ€™re being forgotten from the world. I am a very energetic and passionate person. I love to create opportunities for others and help guide young people on the path to creating more opportunities for themselves and others. I believe in creating opportunities rather than waiting around for someone else to provide me with one. I love to take control of my work or environment Iโ€™m placed in. I love to provide support to low-income families in any way I can and to help them find a way to improve their situation. In order to create a better world, we need to start with poverty. โ€œEducate to elevateโ€ is what I firmly believe in. I believe that education and open-mindedness will bring happiness to others. Having more opportunities can bring joy and help others be less strenuous. Starting small but being consistent can make for a better future. Start with one family at a time. I dream of one-day ending starvation and homelessness around the world. To live in a world where everyone has a happy life, free of the fear of living out on the streets or not having enough to put food on their tables. Just a simple world with no worries and stress in their life.



Diem Ngoc Nguyen


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