Purpose Global Village


Purpose Global Village promotes education and literacy for marginalized children in the U.S and developing nations. In addition to sustainable social change and promoting literacy PGV partners with local artisans through economic partnerships which transforms families. “It’s a hand up, not a hand out!”  PGV is dedicated to Fair Trade Practices that empower families and bring about sustainable social change.



Our Designs

We collaborate with local artisans in different villages, and countries on the continent to create unique designs that represent the beauty of Africa with

an African American twist.

Our products are handmade by master artisans, none of our products are machine made or mass produced. Most of our products are made in Ghana, South Africa, Botswana and Uganda.  In addition to sustainable social change, we believe passionately in travel, good food, great friends, loving thy neighbor as self and the spirit of adventure!


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Al Fakher
May Chang