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From the Italian Alps to Savile Row, we've put together the perfect pieces for every man's wardrobe. These staple pieces form the backbone of any elegant wardrobe. Perfectly attired for any given situation you may encounter from the Boardroom to the Golf Course & everything in between!ย  As I put together this collection I traveled far and wide searching the archives of cloth weavers, suit makers and shirt makers to find the very best! It was an amazing year and a half. I went to Houston, Philadelphia, and New York. I went to Hong Kong and Shanghai. I also went to design central - Milan, the hills of Biella, and the lakeside mills around Como, all in search of excellence.ย  From the bales of wool in raw form, to the magic they perform at mills like Vitale Barberis Conico โ€“ where using the most sophisticated looms, precious fibers of fine wool, silk, and cashmere are woven into the most exquisite, buttery soft, and light weight woolen cloths โ€“ I've seen it all. I have also walked the long production lines of various suit makers โ€“ from where each suit is painstakingly and individually cut to the end where the result is nothing less than pure artโ€”all to bring the highest quality of workmanship and the best value to the end consumerโ€”you.The best garment that you've ever worn maximizes the fabric and the fit, accounting for every nuance of your body, offering comfort - and providing you with an elegant, attractive, and flattering silhouette, like one you've never experienced before.



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DCLA<span class="badge-status" style="background:#f95a5a">Clothing</span>  0 reviews

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