25 Membership Benefits

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at 25 membership benefits  that we have implement at our organization.

1. Networking Opportunities

Individuals or Companies join our organization to feel a sense of community, to meet new people, and find opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Make this easy for them by providing opportunities to network, engage with each other, and share meaningful conversations. For example:

  • Our small networking events (in-person, virtual, or hybrid).

  • We have an online chat room where members can discuss common interests.

  • We set up 1-on-1 coffee dates for our members to meet and get to know each other.

2. Industry Breakfasts

Our members will appreciate opportunities to learn something new, broaden their industry knowledge, and grow professionally. We do this by hosting industry breakfasts with a learning and a networking component. For example:

  • We ask willing members to take turns presenting a topic they’re passionate about or have a lot of experience in.

  • We invite an accomplished industry professional to give a presentation to our members.

  • We invite members to watch an educational video and complete a group assignment that will help them better retain the new information, as well as build relationships with each other.

3. Association and/or Organizational Awards

We give out awards that makes our members feel seen, valued, and appreciated. It’s a great way to thank them for their support and participation. As a bonus, members who receive awards often share the news with their networks, helping to promote our organization to more people. For example, we give awards to members who:

  • Have been around the longest.

  • Have attended the most events and/or meetings.

  • Have volunteered the most hours.

4. Member of the Month

Another way we recognize active and engaged members is to include them in “Member of the Month” feature on our website and/or newsletter. It’s a great way to show our appreciation for our most committed members and inspire them to participate more actively. We:

  • Select a member to feature on our own, based on their contributions and participation.

  • Select a member randomly, just to share their story and introduce them to the rest of the community.

  • Have other members nominate a “Member of the Month” and feature the member with the most nominations.

5. Feature Members on our Membership Website

Shining a spotlight on one “Member of the Month” is not the only way to feature members on our website. We also:

  • Feature any members with big news or accomplishments worth celebrating.

  • Feature members randomly, just to encourage members to get to know each other and see if they have any common interests.

  • Invite people to apply to be featured, in case they want to promote their company or small business.

6. Member Milestones

We also shine a spotlight on members who’ve achieved a certain milestone. For example, members who:

  • Have been with our organization for 5, 10, 15 years, and so on.

  • Have volunteered X number of hours.

  • Have raised X amount in donations through peer-to-peer fundraising.

7. Contests & Challenges

We invite members to participate in contests and challenges, then award the winners a highly coveted prize. For example:

  • Who can collect the most donations from their friends and family?

  • Who can refer the most new members?

  • Who can come up with a winning idea for our new logo, slogan, event, etc?

8. Member Coupons & Discounts

We incentivize people to join our membership by offering discounts on things that are more expensive for non-members. For example:

  • Admit members to events for free, while asking non-members to pay.

  • Offer our quarterly publication for 50% off to members, while asking non-members to pay full price.

  • Offer our merchandise at a discount to members.

9. Local & Community Partnerships

Partner with local businesses and organizations to offer even more discounts and opportunities to our members. For example:

  • Set your members up with a 10% off coupon at the restaurant next door to your meeting place.

  • Set our members up with a free pass to a local industry event

  • Find another membership organization whose mission aligns with ours and offer our members their membership at a discounted price (and vice versa).

10. Corporate Partnerships

Give your members even more perks with corporate partnerships. Your members benefit from discounted prices, while the companies benefit from being your members’ preferred suppliers. For example, you can offer:


  • Discount on industry standard software.

  • Discounts on office supplies or industry specific tools and equipment.

  • Discounts on travel and accommodation.

11. Volunteering & Community Service Projects

Bring members together through shared volunteer projects and let them build relationships, while giving back to their community. For example:

  • We organize  food drive.

  • We host  fundraising events and give the proceeds to local charities.

12. Career Advice & Support

Set our members up for success by providing them with resources and support. such as:

  • Include a page on our website where we list valuable resources, courses, and publications.

  • Set up a hotline or email address that members can use to ask career-related questions.

  • Offer services like resume & cover letter editing and mock-interviews.

13. Mentorship Programs

Start a mentorship program and set up a structured way for mentors and mentees to meet on a regular basis. They can use their mentoring sessions to:

  • Exchange ideas and share relevant information or resources.

  • Set career goals and create plans of action.

  • Identify roadblocks and ways to overcome them.

14. Member Directory

Our private member directory on our website. Members can use it to:

  • Network with each other and build relationships.

  • Find fellow members with common interests.

  • Promote their own services or businesses and attract new clients.

15. Job Board

Our members will appreciate having access to our job board. They can use it to:

  • Post openings and find new hires.

  • Find new job opportunities.

  • Stay on top of the latest opportunities, even if they aren’t necessarily looking right at this moment.

16. Online Membership Community

Our members will have access to our online community where everyone—members, staff, volunteers, board members, etc—can come together in one place, no matter where they live. Our members can use it to:

  • Engage, socialize, and network with each other

  • Stay on top of the latest updates from our organization

  • Share resources and important news

17. Maintain an Easy-to-Access Event Calendar

Include an event calendar on member-only page of our website, so that our members always know what’s coming up. In it, we include things like:

  • In-person, virtual, or hybrid events.

  • Member meetings

  • Important deadlines

  • Webinars or live trainings

18. Free Virtual Events

Our members have the opportunity to learn and grow in an easy, convenient way by  free virtual events they can attend from anywhere. These can be:

  • Webinars

  • Panel discussions

  • Live trainings

  • Case studies

19. Share Hyper-Valuable Member Content

Our members join our organization to learn something new, discover better ways of doing things, and stay up to date on things that matter to them. We help them achieve this by publishing exclusive valuable content like:

  •  blog

  • newsletter

  • monthly or quarterly publication

  • Weekly videos

  • podcast

20. Luxury Gala Event

Luxury Gala is the ultimate opportunity for members to sharpen their knowledge, gather new ideas, get inspired, and make new connections. We let our members attend at a substantial discount, while charging non-members regular price. Be sure to:

  • More than 100 Stars get invited to our Luxury Gala

21. Flexible e-Learning

Our members have a chance to take advantage of professional development opportunities on their own time and at their own pace. We do this by offering flexible e-learning options via an online Learning Management System (LMS). With an LMS, we can:

  • Host online educational content

  • Track credits and manage certification programs

  • Issue certificates of completion

22. Offer Certifications

Professional certifications are valuable assets to our members, as they can help them advance their careers. We use an LMS to provide training and issue certifications that members can then use to:

  • Land a new role

  • Take on a new project in their current job

  • Take on more responsibility and get a promotion

23. Make Room for VIPs

Rather than offering the same benefits to all  of our members, we have different tiers in our membership model. Members who pay a higher price can receive extra benefits, such as:

  • Access to more resources

  • Higher discounts with partnering organizations

  • Free admission to events

  • Exclusive VIP events

24. Emeritus Status

To honour members who’ve been around for a very long time but have now retired, we offer them an Emeritus status to let them know how valuable they are. They won’t have to pay member dues anymore, but can have access to the same or slightly modified benefits as everyone else.

25. In-Person, Hybrid, and Remote Options

When creating our membership benefits packages, we make sure to include a variety of options that can be accessed both in-person and remotely. For example, avoid offering a package that consists of only in-person activities. If someone is unable to attend, they won’t find any value in their membership.


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