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This is our favorite one! DabaHair™ micro-needle scalp roller is a great tool to apply the micro needle therapy to your scalp with some of its benefits but mainly for maximizing efficacy and penetration of our DabaHair™ treatment (Set Sun and Moon for day and night).

Micro-needle therapy itself triggers your body’s wound healing response. Research studies have shown that this therapy can be applied to your scalp in order to stimulate the natural production of proteins and activate propper oxygen and blood circulation, responsible for the development of new hair follicles and as a result, new hair growth.

Our DabaHair™ micro-needle scalp roller was created to enhance DabaHair™ treatment regime and stimulate natural repair pathways to support skin and scalp healing and maintain healthy hair growth. Its micro needles size is specifically designed by DabaHair™ company toopen thousands of quickly healing channels and pores on the top layers of your scalp without causing any damage and giving an effective penetration of our topical DabaHair™ treatment set products, and to introduce the product inside those channels for real maximum efficacy of the product. The result of this combination: FAST AND EFFECTIVE hair growth results.

Scalp micro-needle therapy is suitable for both male and female hair loss.

Scalp micro-needle therapy in combination with DabaHair™ treatment helps to combat causes of hair loss and it maintains your scalp re energized and constantly renewing it self with cell turnover collagen production and elastic, signs of youth that are back to your scalp thanks to the micro-needle therapy to produce new hair.