Soul Wipe
Monica DeanSponsor 

Soul Wipe was founded in 2020 by Monica Dean and her husband Bryan

The idea of Soul Wipe was imagined by Monica while in the heart of the pandemic.

Monica wondered how she could improve the hand sanitizing experience that became everyday life for all of us.

“Why can’t this moment be a moment of clarity?”

Monica loves using essential oils, and the moment she experiences when using the oils. In addition to essential oils, Monica uses the energy of crystals to create the higher desired vibration in the room.


She thought it would be great that if each time she wiped her hands, which had become such an important practice for all of us, could that practice of cleaning our hands become more of a moment than just cleaning our hands.  Could cleaning your hands turn into taking a deep breath for 7 seconds hold and release for a count of 7 seconds throughout the day to release any tensions someone was struggling with on any given day.

“I wondered if I could focus on one of the 7 Chakras and envision it blossoming, opening up and taking a moment to center myself?”

That question resulted in Monica’s idea to create Soul Wipe.

Monica lives in Southern California with her 3 teenage children.

Soul Wipe is made in California U.S.A.



Charlie Lowe

Charlie Lowe is a Financial Advisor that grew up in the financial services industry…literally. She bought her first stock at the age of 12 with the encouragement of her father, a financial advisor, and her mother, who worked in financial operations. By the time she entered high school, Charlie had a solid portfolio and a definite career path.
That’s the kind of forethought and planning Charlie brings to the management of the portfolios of ultra-high net worth individuals—many from sports and entertainment—multigenerational families, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, hospitals, and non-profit foundations. Charlie’s areas of focus are multifaceted: customized wealth preservation and distribution solutions, insurance analysis, cash flow optimization, retirement, charitable giving, and investment.
allocation. Her financial philosophy is straightforward: markets are efficient and if you invest in a prudent, dispassionate manner you’ll make money. She is driven to determine where markets are going so she can make a positive difference in her clients’ lives.
Charlie’s drive extends beyond her clients’ success. She competes regularly in marathons and Spartan Races and recently climbed Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous U.S. Having succeeded in the male-dominated financial services industry, Charlie is dedicated to empowering young girls and women through The W Source® and WIN WIN Women. She’s active in her faith community and volunteers with Food Share, Habitat for Humanity, and Life
Animal Rescue. She’s married to her best friend and business partner, Patrick, and has two sons, Brandon and Matt.

Unstoppable Healing™


Leslie Allyn Finkel – Centropix Frequency Wellness Technologies


Leslie Allyn Finkel helps people heal holistically from the inside out. He is the Founder of Unstoppable Healing™, where he leads clients to profound health and life changes, such as permanently releasing emotional traumas and anxieties, eliminating digestive and hormonal complications, and ending chronic pain from accidents and physical injuries.

With 40 combined years practicing martial arts, Tai Chi, and the ancient Taoist healing science called Chi Nei Tsang, he’s proudly incorporated the pioneering Centropix frequency wellness technologies into his energy healing practice in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona.

Leslie enjoyed a 30+ year career in Information Technology. He devoted 26 years to the City of Phoenix Police, administering all mission-critical systems, including 911. Leslie has a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tulane University. He is also a co-author of the Amazon-Bestsellers Energy Healing & Soul Medicine: Stories of Healing & Miracles and Awakening Starseeds Vol. 3 – Dreaming Into The Future.

You can learn more at Centropix.us/UnstoppabableHealing.

Maya the ShamanSponsor 


Maya The Shaman is an innovative Shamanic Energy Healer of her original healing modalities: Infinite cosmic Records & Lemurian Code Healing. She is the Author of the book INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS: SACRED DOORWAYS TO HEALING & REMEMBERING and a collaborative author of Energy Healing & Soul Medicine (Bestseller), Pillars of Light, Awakening Starseeds series 1, 2, 3.


Maya, The Shaman, sees the ailing need of the West to be provided with Healing from the East to “Bridge” the ancient past to the current healing needs of humanity through the Art of “Remembering.” She’s the Founder of Lemurian Code Academy, where she teaches Lemurian Code Healing and Infinite Cosmic Records Healing programs as your Shaman guide.


Documentary Film “Cure,” Maya was featured along with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson, produced by Sharon Stone and directed by French Hollywood Director Emmanuel Itier. Similarly, ‘GUNS, BOMBS, and WAR: A Love Story,’ docu-film shows the obsession with war and violence as we question these dark and destructive projected realities in our World, claiming back PEACE towards a healthy future for humanity.


Book a Session with Maya The Shaman at: www.MayaTheShaman.com

Or LemurianCodeHealing@gmail.com


Centropix Frequency Wellness TechnologiesSponsor 


Sabine Messner – Centropix Frequency Wellness Technologies


Sabine Messner is a visionary 5D Business Mentor, empowering awakening leaders to be in business with their sacred calling. As the founder of Soul Purpose Branding® and Soul Purpose Wealth™, Sabine helps her clients step into their divine purpose using cutting-edge marketing guidance, Soul Activations, and epigenetic Human Design and Gene Keys.


Sabine is thrilled to bring the pioneering Centropix frequency wellness technologies to her global communities so more people can thrive as entrepreneurial stewards of the New Earth – vibrationally and financially.


An award-winning Wired Magazine designer, Sabine blends 30+ years in arts, visual communication, and marketing with her extensive studies of quantum healing and indigenous energy modalities. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Visual Communication from the Berlin University of the Arts. Her latest book collaborations are Awakening Starseeds Vol. 3 – Dreaming Into The Future and Stop Overworking And Start Overflowing – 25 Ways To Transform Your Life Using Human Design.

You can learn more at Centropix.us/UnstoppabableHealing.


CSI Protective ServicesSecurity Sponsor 

Troy Coleman


Troy Coleman (CEO of CSI Protective services) is an accomplished and challenge-driven professional with experience in VIP, celebrity, music artist, models and actors’ protective security as well as estate security, corporate security, Travel Protection and risk mitigation. Troy started his journey in the military and after he was honorably discharged, he went in to Law enforcement where he retired.

After Troy retired from Law Enforcement, he opened a security & Investigation firm that provides protection for several high value clients and red carpet events. He has also opened a training school where he provides protection and firearms training to many people in the protection industry including his private clients.

With his excellent organization skills and sharp attention to detail, he exceled at driving the design and implementation of high-level safety & security plans for many High net worth clients.

CSI Protective Services is known for providing security services across the globe.




Troy Coleman, CEO

CSI Protective Services

Coleman Security & Investigations, Inc.

817 N. Hollywood way, Burbank, CA. 91505



Southern CA.     (818) 731-1271     # 6650

Northern CA.     (408) 608-4927     # 15239

Las Vegas, NV.  (702) 703-4694     # 4170

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Radhaa Publishing HouseSponsor 

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