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Maya The Shaman is a visionary shamanic energy healer and author, known for her innovative healing modalities – Infinite Cosmic Records and Lemurian Code Healing. Her work blends the wisdom of the East with the needs of the West, bridging ancient practices with modern healing. She is the author of the book, “Infinite Cosmic Records: Sacred Doorways to Healing & Remembering” and a co-author of several best-selling books.

Maya founded the Lemurian Code Academy, where she guides students through her teachings of Lemurian Code Healing and Infinite Cosmic Records Healing modalities. She was featured in the documentary film “The Cure,” alongside Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson, produced by Sharon Stone and directed by Emmanuel Itier. Maya is a powerful voice for peace, as seen in the docu-film, “Guns, Bombs, and War: A Love Story.”

Maya’s work has been featured in LA Formidable Magazine, where she was interviewed and recognized as a formidable woman. She is a teacher, mentor, and beacon of hope for all seeking to heal and remember their true essence. Connect with Maya The Shaman at or email at


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