Sales Incentives Program – Program Details and Timelines

Dear Team,

Following up on our previous message about our exciting sales incentives program, here are the details, timelines, and criteria to help you plan and excel:

Program Overview:
Objective: Encourage and reward exceptional sales performance
Duration: The program will run for 8 months, starting from July 1st, and concluding on Feb 30th.of next year before the event and closing date.

Incentive Categories:

1. First to Sell a Sponsorship Package:
– The team member who successfully closes the first sponsorship package deal will be rewarded with a special prize tailored exclusively for them.
– Please note that this incentive applies to new sponsorship deals secured during the program period only.


2. Highest Quantity of Sales Award:
– The team member who achieves the highest number of successful sales during the program duration will be recognized and rewarded.
– Each sale should be a qualified sponsorship package closed within the specified timeframe.

3. Highest Value of Sales Award:
– The team member who generates the highest cumulative value of sales during the program period will be acknowledged and rewarded.
– The value of each sponsorship package sold will be considered for this category, irrespective of the quantity of sales.



Criteria and Guidelines:
– All team members are eligible to participate in the sales incentives program.
– Sales achieved prior to the program start date (July 1st,) will not be counted.
– Each sale should meet the defined criteria for a qualified sponsorship package, ensuring they align with our company’s guidelines and offerings.
Accurate and timely record-keeping of sales will be essential. Please ensure you document each sale with relevant details, including the client’s name, package sold, value, and date of closure.
– In case of any dispute or uncertainty, the final decision will be made by the sales management team.

Next Steps:
Detailed guidelines, reporting templates, and additional information will be shared with you prior to the program launch.
– We will also hold a kickoff meeting on june 27 to discuss any questions, clarify guidelines, and boost team morale.

This is your chance to shine and achieve greatness within our sales team. Stay focused, motivated, and aim high. Your efforts will not go unnoticed, and we look forward to recognizing and celebrating your outstanding accomplishments.

Good luck, and let the sales success begin!

Best regards,
Samiras Network

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