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Sports Massage Extreme. 643 South Olive Street, Suite 830, Los Angeles, CA 90014 Phone: (310) 753 2276   Art San’s professional journey has taken over 25 years and counting. There have been many life-changing twists and turns that have become for him both enlightening and growth provoking! Let us introduce you to the one who is fondly known as Art San, The Pain Eraser. He holds a license in Massage Therapy, a Certificate in substance abuse counseling, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Health Educator, Dispute/Suicide Prevention, and Reflexology. He has known firsthand about chronic pain, since he endured it for approximately 20 years, until he successfully mastered his own self applied muscle release techniques.  His injuries occurred 26 years ago, while surviving a near fatal motorcycle accident.  Nearly paralyzed with a fractured back, severed foot, and profound blood loss, he is a survivor. He is regarded as an expert in his field by his peers as well as his many clients who seek out his services. Mission statement: To provide the most effective forms of therapy possible, and also offering a select team of experts: Doctors, Holistic Health Practitioners, Therapists and Energy Workers to his clients.  Bottom Line, Expect Results! Philosophy:  A complete commitment to placing the client’s needs first. Offer the most correct and appropriate services possible, if necessary, he will make an outside referral with continued follow-up until optimal results are met. Expect Results. Additionally, he is affiliated with Accredited Massage Programs:  (Partial list) and is a member of the following Advisory Boards:

  • Bryman/NIT
  • American Career College
  • ICDC Career College
  • ICT Career College
  • Merric Career College
  • UEI Career College

Commendations: Art San has received many accolades and commendations for his public services over the past 25 years. Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, L.A. County Supervisor Yvonne Braithwaite Burke, L.A. City Council member Joan Mike Flores, L.A. City Council member Mark Ridley Thomas, Charles Drew Medical Center, Helping Hands Award and many others. He has been affiliated with many accredited Occupational Professional programs (partial list).  

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