Chatterjee Production

Rupak Chatterjee

Business Leader, Entrepreneur

Rupak Chatterjee founded and built a very strong consulting company Chatterjee Solutions, through consulting techniques, keen business initiatives and
aggressive business tactics. In the process he has become a very strong business personality in Southern California.
Coming from an Engineering background with First Class 3rd Position in batch, Rupak has devoted much of his time and energy to various consulting activities for over 16 years serving some of the biggest clients in the industry like British Petroleum, Coach, Panasonic, Life Technologies, MGP Ingredients, Danisco, SAP America etc. to name a few. He gathered certification on various platforms like Java, Oracle, SAP, PMP and achieved recognition from:


1) City Council Senate in Cypress as the “Best Community Helper”
2) Indian Govt in the British Parliament UK as the “NRI Of The Year – 2018 “and slated to receive
3) “Hind Rattan Award – 2019 “in the month of January,2019 in Bangalore, India.

Rupak has engaged himself with various social organizations in USA and India namely Dakshini, Anubhuti, Bharat Sebashram Sangha, etc.
Rupak also founded Chatterjee Productions where he is currently serving as a producer for a Bengali movie with English subtitles and the film was shot in USA and is scheduled to be released early 2019.He has also made a short film called “The Seashore” in India.


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