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Crystal Lynn Privett founder of,  Mindset Service, is enthralled to share her love for tapping into this infinite well of possibilities within the subconscious mind. Arming the world with tools, resources and inspiration to enhance their mindset so they can get their energy working for them- instead of against them, is how we empower and balance the system.

She has swept the nation off its feet as an advocate for mental health awareness and the power of removing trauma through the subconscious mind as a renowned energy psychologist.  

Helping people upgrade to the best version of themselves and live their purpose daily is her greatest passion.

5 Time Best Selling Author

100 % of proceeds go to the following charities:

Isis Mother of Magic:

  • Riseinlovefoundation.org

Magdalene Rising: Feminine Leaders Guided By Her Fierce and Unconditional Wisdom

Sovereign: Liberated Women Who Boldly Claim Their Power

Jaguar  Medicine: Fierce Feminine Frequency Keepers Birthing the New Earth

  • Grandmotherscounsil.org

Magdalene Codes: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers Who Liberate and Disrupt

2 X San Diego Power Woman

  • Honored for being an impactful female presence in the city of San Diego. Her  women empowerment efforts through helping the community improve their mental health and donating time, energy and resources to serve many cities in the county with joy.

Women’s Leadership Award – United Nations Association 2022

Professional Organization of Women of Excellence- Women Empowerment Award 2022

Crystal also utilizes pageantry as a platform to bring awareness to and resources to support the mental health of young girls and people in her community & around the world.  She believes pushing herself to do things that challenge her make her authentic and proves that she is willing to take action to do things that are unique and important to her.

Her titles are:

Role Model of the Year 2021

Mrs. United Kingdom 2021

First Runner – Up Mrs. Europe Global 2021

Mrs. Fashionista 2021

Crystal created an innovative online course and corresponding book both called, Crystal Clear Mindset.   This elite process helps others identify what mental programs are holding them back, by gaining insight into 12 fundamental aspects of consciousness that balance your life.  This program can track and monitor your overall well-being, as you grow.

She also hosts weekly classes every Wednesday at noon for women only including business women to domestic violence survivors… and is a safe and inclusive place for healing for any woman that needs support.

Clearly Crystal is making an impact in her community and would also like to make an impact on your life.


Master Your Mind & Conquer The World.

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United Nations Association of the USA, Inland Empire