Sales Incentives Program – Guidelines and Reporting

Dear Team,

As we gear up for our upcoming sales incentives program, here are the guidelines and reporting instructions to ensure a fair and transparent competition:

1. Qualified Sponsorship Packages:

• A qualified sponsorship package refers to a sales deal that meets our company’s guidelines and offerings.
• It should align with our target market, provide valuable benefits to the sponsor, and comply with any specific requirements outlined by our sales team.

2. Sales Reporting:

• Accurate and timely reporting of sales is crucial for tracking progress and determining winners. Use the provided reporting template to record each sale.
• Include the following details for each sale: client’s name, package sold, value, and date of closure.
• Report your sales on a weekly basis, submitting the completed template to the designated sales coordinator by [deadline]. Late submissions may not be considered.

3. Program Duration:

• The sales incentives program will run from July 1st of this year, to Dec 30th, of the same year.
• Only sales achieved within this period will be eligible for consideration.

4. Dispute Resolution:

• In the event of any dispute or uncertainty regarding sales eligibility or reporting, the final decision will be made by the sales management team.
• Please maintain a professional and collaborative approach throughout the program.

5. Collaboration and Support:

• Although this program is designed to inspire healthy competition, it’s essential to foster teamwork and support one another.
• Share best practices, offer guidance, and celebrate each other’s achievements.

6. Program Updates and Communication:

• We will provide regular updates throughout the program to keep everyone informed about progress, leaderboards, and any additional announcements.
• If you have any questions or require clarification regarding the guidelines, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the sales management team.

Remember, this program is your opportunity to showcase your skills, drive, and determination. Embrace the challenge, set ambitious goals, and go above and beyond to excel.

Wishing you all the best as you embark on this exciting journey!

Best regards,
Samiras Network

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