SmartWay Sales Coaching

Art San is a successful business owner of Sports Massage Extreme and additionally is
a licensed aestheticism, a certified hypnotherapist and a certified life coach. He recently
launched his SmartWay sales coaching business with the mission to help health practitioners,
entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve optimal financial success.

The Company name is an acronym of his current business Sports Massage and his name, Art, = SMArt Way,
because doing things โ€œsmarter, not harderโ€ resonates with all of his clients. He identifies and
tailors programs to individualsโ€™ special needs with the goal of guiding โ€œworker beesโ€ and
teaching them how to become โ€œsix figure income bosses.โ€ Art San brings over 25 years of
professional experience in sales training and coaching, client acquisition and retention and
substance abuse treatment and recovery.
Art San has received many public awards and commendations for his exemplary
leadership and community service. He is a former chronic pain sufferer, the CEO of Sports
Massage Extreme of Los Angeles who consistently earns six figures. Mr. San has been
featured on several television stations such as KTTV, KMEX, KVEA , Custom Trends, The
Samira Show, Trojan Vision and several other local TV programs.
You can text Art San at 310.598.6218 or contact his personal assistant at 213.326.6676
and ask for Donna.


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