Vida CraddockExhibitor/Has Booth 

I am Vida Craddock,
Brand name “Just Vida
I have at least 15-20 years. Movies, Music, Fashion, and Casting. I had a casting agency early 2000’s, I casted for Mission Impossible 3, Fat Albert, Intolerable Cruelty, and so many more.
My Stage experience is,
I am in IMDB for Sex Politics and Cocktails 2002 a Julian Hernandez and actress Marisa Petroto film and Tv actress. I was Wardrobe for this movie. I worked with Ed Bagley Jr. in 2012 on the stage play that made history of Cesar Chavez, i was 1 of 2 for the wardrobe & costume design in this fabulous stage play.
I have designed and sold Designs by Vida’s one of a kind designs to many. projects for Snoop, Dr Dre, Macy Grey. I have sold products to Leonardo ‘Di Caprio, Tyra Banks, and given a purse to Arnold Schwarzenegger to give to Maria Shriver.
My most recent achievements is my new perfume line called “JustVida”  that will be at the 2020 February Oscars Gifting suite, and my new bra line called “Vida” which the team that I am working with is the same team that has worked closely with Victoria Secrets and Third Love. The fitting for the actual bra is December 13th 2019..
Think it, dream 2020 is it

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