Charlie Lowe

Charlie Lowe is a Financial Advisor that grew up in the financial services industry…literally. She bought her first stock at the age of 12 with the encouragement of her father, a financial advisor, and her mother, who worked in financial operations. By the time she entered high school, Charlie had a solid portfolio and a definite career path.
That’s the kind of forethought and planning Charlie brings to the management of the portfolios of ultra-high net worth individuals—many from sports and entertainment—multigenerational families, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, hospitals, and non-profit foundations. Charlie’s areas of focus are multifaceted: customized wealth preservation and distribution solutions, insurance analysis, cash flow optimization, retirement, charitable giving, and investment.
allocation. Her financial philosophy is straightforward: markets are efficient and if you invest in a prudent, dispassionate manner you’ll make money. She is driven to determine where markets are going so she can make a positive difference in her clients’ lives.
Charlie’s drive extends beyond her clients’ success. She competes regularly in marathons and Spartan Races and recently climbed Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous U.S. Having succeeded in the male-dominated financial services industry, Charlie is dedicated to empowering young girls and women through The W Source® and WIN WIN Women. She’s active in her faith community and volunteers with Food Share, Habitat for Humanity, and Life
Animal Rescue. She’s married to her best friend and business partner, Patrick, and has two sons, Brandon and Matt.

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