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be involved with lots of creativity and this experience has
been very challenging. Voylla Jewellery were associated with
her for the world’s largest parade when she represented
India as an official designer at the World’s Largest
Independence Day Parade in New York, 2018.Her journey has always been a challenge and always
believed not to ever give up. To showcase her collection at the
Cannes Film Festival has been her most memorable journey.
She is the first Indian Designer to showcase her collection at
Tiffany’s Red-Carpet Week at Cannes in 2017. It was her
dream and her commitment with Almighty God to bless her
to fulfill this dream of showcasing her Khadi collection with
simplified sophistication combined with western silhouettes
and sober charm was well received.At present she is involved to find solutions to create jobs for
the local weavers and craftsman and how it can bring global
changes. Indian men and women in the villages are very
talented. They need the right guidance and understanding
where she is personally involved in human relationship
between the designer and the craftsperson which she feels
,must be full of kindness and compassion. Once these
artisans experience the human touch and they understand
the quality of work required from them, they would put all
passion to provide the world’s best quality work.The Textile Industry is creating quite an impact on the
environment as a result of which fashion is being discussed
as the need of the hour .The vast majority of the fashion
industry is still contributing to environmental pollution,
toxic emissions, and waste production, and thus to the
biggest challenge of our generation: climate change. But we
always like to look on the bright side: this all means that we,
as consumers, can be part of the solution with the simple
decision to buy our clothes from future-oriented,
sustainable, and mindful brands. That’s an empowering
thought, right?



Sustainability means maintaining an ecological balance by
avoiding the depletion of natural resources. But sustainability
is commonly extended to social systems—ensuring they
promote the well being of all the individuals and communities
a f f e c t e d . S u s t a i n a b i l i t y a l s o s p e a k s t o
longevity—environmental, social, and economic systems and
industries need to be designed in a way that means they are in
balance and can be maintained well into the future.

So, Khadi is an ideal sustainable fashion which is simply
about fostering a fashion industry that takes a long term
approach to the design, manufacturing, and consumption of
clothes and accessories. It’s about fashion that both creates
good and avoids harm, whether to people, the planet, or
animals that and Khadi is the only textile that meets the
criteria of UN SDG as sustainable fashion .

he sustainable fashion movement is driven by conscious
choices being made when clothes shopping, with questioning
and boycotting fast fashion, and by choosing the purchase
you know you can feel good about. Khadi Handloom textile
can effectively combat mindless consumerism and fast
fashion, and the destructive impact they have on our
communities, our planet, and all the creatures living on it.

Khadi textiles can “Reduce Reuse Repair
Resell”. So to support sustainable fashion ,it is the
Khadi brand which is the game changer in the Fashion

er mission now is to create awareness on Khadi both in India
and worldwide with the quote by the Prime Minister of
India,Narendra Modi that “ Khadi is not a cloth but a
movement which must be taken forward ”. She has officially
taken the proprietorship of World Khadi Day and under the
leadership of the Prime Minister to take this mission of Khadi
as a Global brand and to fulfill her dream to declare

“ World Khadi Day ”.

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